Gençlik Başımda Duman Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

The Smoke In My Youth The end of the program becomes a series. Although it was mentioned in different names before, it was decided that the name was “Gençlik Başımda Duman (The Smoke in My Youth)”. The series was released in the…Read More »

Doctor John (닥터 룸) Synopsis And Cast: Korean Drama

Doctor John 2019 Doctor John (닥터 룸) is the latest 2019 Korean Drama series that will air in the second half of this year on the SBS Drama channel. In January 2019, the famous and handsome actor Ji Sung got an offer…Read More »

D-Day Assassins Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: American Movie

D-Day Assassins 2019 D-Day Assassins is an American movie 2019 with the genre of war action that tells of a group of rebel American soldiers in the second world war known as “The Filthy Thirteen” doing skydiving into Normandy to carry out…Read More »

Arıza (The Fault) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Episode 10 Kuzgun (The Raven)

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Dengi Dengine Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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A Journey to Meet Love Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Finding Love on the Journey A Journey to Meet Love (场 遇见 爱情 的 旅行) also known as “Finding Love on the Journey“, is the latest Chinese Drama series released on April 20, 2019 on the ZTV and JZTV channels. The latest…Read More »

Episode 4 Canevim (My life): Summary And Trailer

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Devil’s Path Synopsis And Cast: American Movie 2019

Devil’s Path 2019 Forests are natural wonders, but they become frightening mazes when danger approaches. These thoughts in mind come from Devil’s Path; a film where all primal things end back in nature. Written and directed by Matthew Montgomery (Socket 2007, OstrichLand…Read More »

My True Friend (我 的 真 朋友) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

My True Friend 2019 The latest Chinese drama “My True Friend (我 的 真 朋友)” is one of the most anticipated C-dramas in 2019. Because this drama stars the handsome and famous actor Deng Lun, in April 2019 he also appeared as…Read More »