Lucky’s First Love (世界 欠 我 一个 初恋) Synopsis And Cast

Lucky’s First Love (2019) Lucky’s First Love Also Known As (AKA) The World Owes Me A First Love is the latest Chinese drama that tells the story of a first love and romance from the perspective of three couples at work. Centered…Read More »

Episode 14 Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows): Summary And Trailer

Kimse Bilmez All Episodes The new episode trailer of Kimse Bilmez (Kimse Bilmez) has released!; “I was wrong to love you!”  Kimse Bilmez (Kimse Bilmez) episode 13 aired on ATV screens with the last episode. Starring Keremcem, Ozgur Kaya, Engin Hepileri and…Read More »

Princess Agents Synopsis, Trailer And Cast: Chinese Drama

处 特工 皇妃;特工 皇妃 楚 喬 傳 The Chinese drama “Princess Agents (处 特工 皇妃;特工 皇妃 楚 喬 傳)” began airing on the exact day of June 5, 2017 on Hunan TV television channel with a duration of 68 airing episodes, the…Read More »

Episode 17 Afili Aşk (Love Trap): Summary And Trailer

Afili Aşk All Episodes The new 17th episode trailer of Afili Aşk (Love Trap) has released! It’s Ceyda’s new plan… Kanal D was followed with great interest by the series Afili Aşk (Love Trap). appeared in front of their audience with a…Read More »

Episode 10 Hercai: Turkish Drama

Hercai All Episodes The new 10th episode trailer of Hercai has released!. The terrible trap of Miran has fallen! Hercai 9th episode came to the screen tonight with his last episode; Miran is being set up by Azize in a very big…Read More »

Let Me Hear Your Song (너의 노래 를 들려줘): Korean Drama

Let Me Hear Your Song The latest Korean Drama series “Let Me Hear Your Song (너의 노래 를 들려줘)“, aired starting in July 2019 on the KBS2 channel and starring a series of top Korean artists. Actor Yeon Woo-Jin was the main…Read More »

Touch Your Heart (Reach of Sincerity) Synopsis And Cast: K-Drama

Touch Your Heart 2019 “Touch Your Heart” which is also known by another title “Reach of Sincerity” is the latest 2019 Korean drama series which will be aired on TVN starting next February. This Korean Drama was adapted based on a web…Read More »

Episode 12 Kardeş Çocukları (Children of Sister)

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My Mowgli Boy (我的莫格利男孩) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

My Mowgli Boy (2019) “My Mowgli Boy (我的莫格利男孩)” is an urban love drama starring Ma Tianyu and Yang Zi. My Mowgli Boy (我的莫格利男孩) tells the story of Mowgli, a boy raised by Grandpa Shoulin. After being mistakenly hit into the city by…Read More »

Episode 1 Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows)

Kimse Bilmez All Episodes When Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows) to start? 1st episode trailer has released! Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows). When Keremcem plays the lead role in which the day is published. ATV’s Summer Series Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows)…Read More »