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Yemin Episode 99

The new 99th episode of Yemin (The Promise) has released! Will Hikmet be healthy?

The Series Of Yemin (The Promise), which airs on Kanal 7, is coming to the screens with a brand new episode. One wonders what will happen in the series, where Reyhan and Emir are trying to overcome difficult obstacles. Yemin (The Promise) Episode 99 summary and trailer are in our news.

Ep 99 Yemin (The Promise)
Episode 99 Yemin (The Promise) October 17: Turkish Drama

In the evening, the main habet bulletins and many series compared to the significant share of the audience, Yemin (The Promise); continues with flash developments. In the last chapter, a new curtain opens in Cavidan’s ongoing treacherous plan. Cavidan, who sees that Hikmet cannot speak or move, hires a new man. Cavidan, who was tight after the hit man failed, had a very different move this time. Will Emir and Reyhan, who are about to take a hit from a place he never expected, be able to prevent it? The answer all the questions is in our story.

Yemin Episode 99 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 99
Reyhan is unaware of the impending danger when he wants to explain that Hikmet is honest. Talaz’s plan, on the other hand, is ticking. Narin, who is angry with Kemal for what he has said to Oya, encounters an astonishing truth. After all these developments, it is also a matter of curiosity whether the contract killer can be spoken to. If the killer talks, it’ll all be over for Cavidan. Hikmet, who wants an appointment for a last meeting, is seen as a suspect in the event to get out of the event, his nephew Reyhan’s struggle is necessary.

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 99 Released on October 17th
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