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Zalim İstanbul All Episodes

The new 9th episode trailer of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) has released? Ceren is at the wedding table!

In the last chapter of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul); Falling into the trap of Şeniz, Ceren sits on the wedding table in tears. Seher has a great disappointment after learning what her daughter has experienced. So what else happened in the last chapter?

In the last episode of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) that came to the screen on Kanal D; Ceren, who founded the big cases, while sitting at the wedding table while thinking that he will marry Cenk, he understands that he came to the game. Ceren’s signature In spite of everything changes the lives of everyone in the mansion! When Seher accused Agah of giving consent to this marriage, Cemre asked for her brother’s account. 

Which starred Fikret Kuskan, Deniz Uğur, Mine Tugay, Ozan Dolunay, Simay Barlas, Berker Guven, Bahar Sahin, Sera Kutlubey, Idris Nebi Taşkan, Aysen Sezerel and Gamze Demirbilek. Here is 9th episode trailer and episode summary of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) …..
Zalim İstanbul 9 bolum
Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) Episode 9
What happen in the last episode?
Thanks to the perfect plan of Şeniz, Ceren takes the most painful lesson of her life. The echoes of Ceren’s signature bring the bottom of the manor. When Seher accused Agah of acknowledgement of this marriage, Cemre asks for an account from her brother. She asks for help from Şeniz, ignoring her pride to take out her daughter from the mansion.

Şeniz has other plans for Seher and her family. Cemre revolted because of her brother is borderless attitude. Cemre will stop giving Nedim medication until the results are eagerly awaited when she is looking forward to her mother on one hand. Civan is like a bomb that is ready to explode at any moment because of Ceren’s state and attitude. Agah Karaçay, while taking over Ceren and intimidated her, Ceren Karaçay will burn the old ones with the surname.

Zalim İstanbul Episode 9 Trailer

Zalim İstanbul Episode 9
The serie will be updated on may 27th. Thank You …..

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