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Kuzgun All Episodes

The new 9th episode trailer arrived. “The Swords are drawn, the main battle is just beginning!”

On Star TV with the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven) came to the screen last night. The first move is coming from Dila, who has fought Kuzgun. The first time faced with the Tailor Dervish, Dila comes to an important warning that the order does not spoil. Kumru is beginning to investigate the background of the murder after the images that Şermin gave him about the murder of Honor Dagstanlı. He understands what it means to do business with Kartal Ali and owes it to him. Kuzgun is proposing to Dila with a shocking decision. Bora is taking action to prevent this marriage. Well, what else happened in the last episode? Has the new 9th episode trailer of Kuzgun (The Raven) been released? Here’s What you wonder about the series.

Kuzgun (The Raven) with the last 8th episode, Star TV appeared on the screens to the audience; After sitting in his father’s chair, Dila says that she will not do anything in any way with Kuzgun, and Ali is going to run the work. A warning is coming to Dila, who is determined to fight to root Kuzgun. The tension between Dila and Kuzgun is disrupting all balances. Kumru is facing Bora with the documents she found about the murder of Şeref Dagstanlı. Kartal owes Ali in a way he never expected. Bora learns of Kuzgun’s proposal to marry Dila and moves to prevent it. Kuzgun, who proposed to Dila, is establishing a new game to accept his offer. The confrontation between Dila and Kuzgun deepens the gap between them. here is 9th episode trailer and episode summary of Kuzgun (The Raven)

What happen in the last episode?
Dila finds an envelope in her car while she’s packing and leaving. When she opens the Envelope, she has a gift and where she should find it. Meanwhile, Kuzgun visits Rifat in prison. Rifat does not want to meet with him at first, but he is desperate against the words of Kuzgun. Kuzgun says he’s going to avenge his father’s death and he can’t imagine what he’s going to do.

kuzgun episode 9
Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 9

Dila in the boss seat.

After the prison meeting, Kuzgun goes to Rifat’s company to discuss his work in partnership with Bora. He enters Rifat’s room. Sits in front of Bora. In The meantime, Dila enters. When Kuzgun sees it, it’s a big surprise. Dila explains that her father will now manage her work. Then she tells Kuzgun that they won’t do the seed work together.

Behram does not want to leave Dila

Meanwhile, by dividing Bora, Kuzgun says, “You don’t deserve to be among us.” Kuzgun asks Dila if he has received a claim from Behram. Dila says Behram Adivar will have to make a choice, but that choice is not Kuzgun. Dila understood the meaning of what was written in the note that was left in her car while making this conversation. Behram wants Dila to leave.

Dervish’s card reaches Dila

One of the employees who entered the house when discussing the contents of the message of Behram with Dila, Ali brings a card. The Card has come to Dila. Ali asks the employee if he or she came to Dila. The card has come to Dila. The person who wrote the name on the card is Terzi Dervish. Ali explains to Dila what the card means. Dila will now receive the Ijaazat from Behram.

Dila say: “Did you get an injunction from Behram?”
Kuzgun has been very nervous about not wanting to work with Dila. He told Dila that he warned her earlier that she couldn’t stop the shipping business. Dila’s decision is final. He won’t work with Kuzgun. While Kuzgun was going to turn around, Dila say “You get a drink from Behram?” She’ll freeze up with her Words.

Sermin squeezes to Kumru for a news
Dila is very tense before meeting with Dervish. Bora tells Dila that Dervis is just a middling and should not worry. She asks if Shermin went to Kumru and made the news about the images she gave her. Kumru says there’s nothing going on with that footage. Shermin tells Kumru what’s going on and tells her to hurry to do the news.

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 9 Trailer

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 9
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