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Hercai All Episodes

The new 9th episode trailer of Hercai has released!. Will Miran find out that Reyyan is not Şadoğlu? 

Posted in 8th episode; Miran believes that Reyyan is desperate to make the marriage decision. Zehra knows that her daughter’s heart doesn’t approve this decision, but she can’t convince her. There is a great tension between Hazar and Miran that meet in the cemetery.

Hazar tells Miran that she loves her mother. And she says she didn’t kill his father. Hazar confuses Miran. Meanwhile, Yaren appears to be good this time and flows her poison to Reyyan. So what else happened in the last episode of Hercai? Here’s what you wonder about the series.

In the last episode of the Hercai; Reyyan is taking action to take revenge. Her heart is on her way to the bloodline with Azat and her marriage. While Miran cannot accept Reyyan’s decision, he is shocked by the words of Hazar. Hazar’s mother is scattered with her saying that she loves Dilshah. He’s starting to think who’s telling the truth. Hazar is once again questioning her father to find out what happened the night of Dilshah’s death. Here is 9th episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai ……..

hercai episode 9
Hercai Episode 9

What happen in the last episode?
Zehra wants to speak to Reyyan after the words of Azat. Azat says his family will marry Reyyan tomorrow. While Yaren supports her brother, Azat does not pass him. After the words of Azat, Miran goes to the swing with Firat. Sad to Reyyan, Miran tells Reyyan that the destination is not left. He also says that Reyyan is helpless under the marriage decision. Fırat wants to face Miran with the truth and draws attention that no one will force Reyyan to do anything. Miran believes that Reyyan has made such a decision not for herself but for her family. He’s also sure of Reyyan’s heart. Reyyan has Miran in her mind, and Zehra is aware of her daughter’s miserable. Reyyan says she is seeing Miran. Zehra asks if her daughter still wants Miran. Her mother is trying to tell Reyyan that it is not true to marry Azat. But Reyyan is behaving decisively.

Hazar: “I love your mother.”

Hazar is going to Dilshah’s cemetery. She cries out and says, “Why didn’t I die?” It tells the fire in Hazar’s heart. He says Miran is a hostile and unjustly avenged. That’s when Miran comes. When he sees Hazar, he sticks to his collar and asks. And he pulls a gun. Hazar, “I have not decontaminated anyone’s honour, I did not kill your father. I loved your mother. ”  Miran says it has nothing to do with their deaths when they cannot believe in Hazar. Miran is burning with rage. Hazar doesn’t shut up and says he’s taking it away from them and from Reyyan. The words of Hazar are confusing Miran’s mind.

Yaren is leaking a poison

Yaren is turning into a fairy godmother with the decision to marry Miran’s elder brother. He even brings a wedding dress to Reyyan. But Yaren is after something. Miran and Reyyan’s wedding photos also given to Reyyan in the envelope. Reyyan’s heart is bleeding even more. She can’t forget Miran. But she can’t accept her marriage to Gonul.

Hercai Episode 9 Trailer

Hercai Episode 9
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