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Kuzgun All Episode

8th episode trailer of Kuzgun (the Raven) released; Dila to be a New Boss!

On Star TV with the last 7th episode of Kuzgun (the Raven) who came to the screen tonight; After the arrest of His father, a major shock, Dila learns that the person behind this is Kuzgun. Kuzgun, who faces Dila, screams that she won’t pity anyone who’s in her way. Rifat, prepared to go to Court, the reaction of Mary is great.

When Dila seeks to save her father from prison, she says they will not leave Bilgin’s family alive without the beginning of Rifat. Terzi goes to Kuzgun and someone else comes. “The System changes the names unchanged,” he warns. Well, what else happened in the new 8th episode? Has the new 8th episode trailer been released? Here is what you wonder about the series.

With the last 7th episode, Star TV appeared on the screens to the audience. After the arrest of Rifat, Dila goes to the Bilgin Family. Kuzgun is intimidated by saying that Rifat has just begun. Ali is terroring Dila for causing her father’s arrest and wants her out of his life. Kuzgun is making a very emotional surprise to the brothers Kartal and Kumru. Bora is getting a little closer to Dila after all these events. Here is 8th episde trailer and episode summary of Kuzgun (The Raven) …..

What happen in the last episode?
Mary goes to the address she found with the help of her daughter Kumru. She introduces herself to the Terzi. She gives the letter to Dervis and reads what is written in the letter herself.

Too late for Kuzgun
When Mary says she’s as desperate as her husband, Dervish invites her to the store. She wants her child to be back for revenge 20 years before she can help him do it now. Dervish says that no one can remove from the way he entered Kuzgun.

kuzgun episode 8
Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 8

Police detain Rifat

Kuzgun is at breakfast with the Bilgin Family and police teams arrive. When Dila tries to figure out what’s going on, Rifat calls the cops “Yes.” Rifat learns to be detained. Dila asks which suspicion and for what reason he was detained. Rifat’s logistics vehicles have a large amount of drugs found in the information.

Dila is shocked

Dila will be shocked against what they hear, when he returns to his father Rifat holds his heart. Dila asks Ali to call an ambulance, saying they should go to the hospital. Rifat says he’s fine. When the Cops try to put handcuffs on their hands, Dila wants to resist, but it’s said to be taken into custody. Rifat says “Okay” to Dila and is handcuffed and taken to the squad car. In tears, Dila screams to her father that she would save him. When Rifat goes with the cops, Dila runs after him.

Dila to be a new boss
After her Father was detained, Dila, who mobilized to save him, soon knew that the person behind it was Kuzgun. Facing Kuzgun, Dila asks how he was so out of humanity, saying, “How could you do this to me, Kuzgun?” And Kuzgun says that he’s the best thing in the family, and but you’re not going to live this pain.

Kuzgun: ” I will not pity anyone in my way “
He tells Dila that his father is in prison because of her dad, and he sells her father is father again. In The face of these words, Dila knows what to say. Kuzgun says that it doesn’t hurt anyone who’s in the way, and that it won’t hurt, “one punishment is to stay alone.” He screams at Dila’s face. Dila’s father, who is waiting for his day to go to Court, learns that without her, he will not let anyone live in the Family.

Kuzgun (the Raven) Episode 8 Trailer

Kuzgun (the Raven) Episode 8
The serie will be updated on April 2nd. Thank You …..

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