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Hercai All Episodes

The new 8th episode trailer of Hercai has released!. Reyyan is deciding! 

Hercai 7th episode came to the screen  last night with the last episode; Reyyan and the heart are opening her eyes in the hospital. Azat is experiencing great devastation when he hears Reyyan’s name on Miran. He proves that Gonul is truly Miran’s real wife. And it’s time for Reyyan to decide. On Reyyan way to the mansion with Azat, Miran understands that he lost his beloved woman. And what else happened in the last 8th episode of Hercai? Here’s what you wonder about the series.

The Hercai series is on the ATV last night at the 7th episode; Reyyan wakes up in the hospital and remembers the words of Gönül. Reyyan, who does not want to believe in him, wants to speak to Miran, but freeing her, confroning her with reality. She explains that Miran’s love for Reyyan will make him understand. But Miran has no intention of giving up on Reyyan. Seeing the black writing that Reyyan left him, Miran takes his breath to the mansion. At that moment, Azat and Reyyan are entering the mansion. Azat is screaming that Reyyan will be a helical. Here is 8th episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai ……

What happen in the last episode?
Azat is abducating Reyyan. Gonul is in that order and it gets hurt. Miran’s taking her to the hospital. Miran cannot believe that Reyyan has gone with Azat. Saying that he found love in Reyyan’s eyes, Miran said that Reyyan would not abandon him. He also wonders how Azat and Gonul came to the vineyard House. Fırat understands that it is the head of Yaren, but it does not say anything to Miran. 

Hercai episode 8
Hercai: Turkish Drama Episode 8
Meanwhile, Azat is taking Reyyan to the hospital. Miran, who is unconscious, is delirious. When Azat hears Miran’s name, it’s almost ruined. When Reyyan wakes up, she wants to call Miran and ask for an account. Freeing is destroying her worries about the heart by talking to her. When Azat proves that Miran is evil, she is drowning in tears and says ‘It’s true ‘.

Gonul’s lecture to Miran

Gonul opens her eyes in the hospital. She finds her mother at the beginning and tells her what happened at night lies wrong. Miran is coming to the room to talk to Gonul. Miran tells her that He loves her as he loves Reyyan. He says Reyyan is gone, and he says he understands her from now.

Reyyan Decides
Miran says he knows where to find Reyyan and leaves the hospital. Reyyan was exactly where Miran predicted. Reyyan, who came with Azat by the swing on the edge of the cliff, leaves a message for Miran. Reyyan and smokes and ties the black scarf to the swing. When Miran gets there, he finds this black scarf and goes crazy.

Azat: “Reyyan will be my Halal”
Azat is going to take Reyyan to the mansion and tell everyone that Reyyan will be a halal. When Miran listens to them, Azat says he cleans his grandfather with a wedding. When Firat holds Miran at the door, Azat says that Reyyan is innocent and will be the crown of her head.

Hercai Episode 8 Trailer

Hercai Episode 8
The serie will be updated on May 3rd. Thank You …..

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