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Has the new 7th episode trailer of Kuzgun (The Raven) arrived?; The shocking partner of Bora!

On Star TV with the last 6th episode came to the screen last night. In the last episode; Kuzgun, who saved Meryem from Bora’s hand, learns surprising things about her past. Meryem, who took action to save Kuzgun from the darkness, is called every road. Meryem who knocks on Dila’s door is convinced that she’s right.

Dila is a very striking proposition for Kuzgun to leave his life and go away. Rifat’s son Ali is very angry that his father gave the seed job to Kuzgun, and his hatred grows at every passing moment. Kuzgun is going to the warehouse to learn the cabinets that Rifat has turned. Well, What else happened in the last 6th episode? Has the new 7th episode trailer been released? Here’s What you wonder about the series.

With the last 6th episode, Star TV appeared on the screens to the audience. Meryem understands that her son is back for revenge, and the friendly enemy knocks on everyone’s door to save her from dark. The Tailor is losing hope with Dervish’s words, “Kuzgun can no longer return this path.” Bora responds to Dila by saying “I accept the price” in response to the words “you do not know how protecting Kuzgun could lead to consequences”. Ali can’t digest the Kuzgun in the family. When Rifat eats the biggest blow from Kuzgun, Dila wants him to stay away from his father and his family. Here is 7th episode trailer and episode summary of Kuzgun (The Raven)

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 7
The New episode trailer will be released on March 26th. Star Tv does not publish the organization publications can watch from the following page…

Episode 7 Kuzgun
Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 7

What happen in the last episode?
Dila tells the Prosecutor that she knows who the killer of Seref is, and then puts the person who confessed the murder into the prosecutor’s office. She tells the Prosecutor that she committed the murder of Seref and that she did not regret it.

Dila does not conquer Kuzgun
Dila hasn’t given Kuzgun up. One of the ones around Rifat assumed the blame. When Kumru wants to ask Bora, who kidnapped her mother, Meryem will stop her. Kumru’s brother confesses that he went to Kuzgun. On the Other side, Kuzgun is watching them from his own home.

Bora goes berserk
Kuzgun’s rescue of Meryem has turned Bora crazy. She says It’s going to be a big price. Kuzgun, who rides in his car to leave in the Morning, receives the message of Terzi Dervish and goes to him. Meryem thinks what she would do desperately to get rid of the dark things Kuzgun is infected with. She finds a Very old letter.

Kuzgun is determined to put Rifat
When Terzi dares to save Meryem the mother of Dervish, Kuzgun was very happy to appreciate the game she played. When the Raven says that the seed will take its job, Dervish tells me that it is a big job and that it will remain under. The Raven will tell you what to do and put the cuffs on Rifat’s arm.

Kartal learn the truth
Dila tears out of the prosecutor’s office thinking about what he did in her car. Kartal is shocked to see the picture he found in Kumru’s drawer. He learns he’s the brother of the person who burned His Shop. Kumru asks his mother to allow her father’s letters to investigate who she wrote.

Bora’s shocking partner

Rifat is getting shot in the brain when he learns that the seed is the Raven who will do the job with Bora. Meanwhile, Meryem comes to the workplace in front of Dila.

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 7 Trailer

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 7
The serie will be updated on March 26th. Thank You …..

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