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The new 7th episode trailer is Released! “The place of Reyyan is this mansion!”

In the new 7th episode trailer of Hercai; “Reyyan’s place is this mansion,” Azat, who stood in front of Nasuh Şadoğlu holding Reyyan’s hand, saying he would marry her …. Posted on 6th episode; Miran tells Reyyan why he took revenge on his family. Miran believes that his father is innocent, and he sees Miran’s hatred. The heart is facing Reyyan. Gonul tells the truth that Miran is the son of Gönül’s uncle. Miran, who was crushed under the lies he told Reyyan, cannot stand this situation. He’s having a great remorse for what he’s been through. Meanwhile, Yaren is looking for Gönül this time. He’s offering to help her get her husband back. So what else happened in the last episode? Here’s what you wonder about the series.

The last 6th of the Hercai;
From the mansion of Miran and Reyyan Şadoğlu, Gul comes out of the net. They have no idea what’s going on at home, and they can’t believe it when Gul says it. Miran tells Reyyan what he did to the Hazar family at the exit from the mansion. When Reyyan doesn’t believe him, she regrets the hatred and she raised in him. And there’s the heartache. Reyyan doesn’t know who Gönül is yet. She’s hiding the truth once more by saying that Miran is his uncle’s son. Here is 7th episode trailer and episode summary ……..

What happen in the last episode?

Reyyan comes to her house with Miran and sees her brother. Thanks to Gul’s insistence and sister love, this obstacle is still very dangerous. Miran won’t leave Reyyan for a moment. While watching them from afar, Nasuh is waiting for the opportunity to kill Reyyan, but thanks to Gul, everything is solved smoothly. Reyyan wants to know what was avengable from Miran. Miran talking to Reyyan. It’s about the day that caused his revenge. He says she’s too small and her father screams about “son”. He says he’s staring at the name of Hazar’s mother and trying to stop her father. While Reyyan cannot accept Miran’s words, Miran says his mother and father were slaughtered by Hazar. He also describes his vow of vengeance. Reyyan’s breath is cut, listening to Miran with tears. Reyyan says it’s not even like her father thinks. But Miran doesn’t hear these words.

hercai 7 bolum
Hercai: Turkish Drama Episode 7

Elif’s identity is hidding
Elif is attacking her father once again. Elif is really the granddaughter of Azize, who complained about the attitude of the new maid who started home. Elif, both Miran and Reyyan is asking for the account of the experiences and is angry at home to be imprisoned. Azize is unable to speak to his granddaughter.

Gonul And Reyyan face to face
Reyyan now can roam freely in the mansion. One morning she wakes up and she goes to Miran, but she meets Gonul in the room. Gonul begins to ask for immediate accountability. She’s holding her arm and putting it in the room, saying, “We couldn’t talk.” Reyyan asks Gonul of the account for lying to her. She says she has dreams as the reason he opened the chest of hearts and lied. Gonul is showing her obsessive love for Miran to Reyyan. Meanwhile, Miran comes in. That’s exactly what Gonul does when she shows her a wedding photo. Miran say again to Reyyan for enter this room. Reyyan is asking about the Sultan. She says that she is the aunt of Miran, and when Gönül hears them, Gönül tells him that she is the daughter of his uncle.

Yaren at work again
Yaren is calling the heartbreaker and offering her a deal. Azat said that he loved Reyyan, and he said that he would finally get to the husband of Gönül. Although Gonul does not trust, he accepts Yaren’s offer. Yaren says she did everything for her brother.

Hercai Episode 7 Trailer

Hercai Episode 7
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