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Is the new episode trailer of Canevim (My Life) has released? Here are the detail of the series …..

Canevim (My Life) aired on ATV screens with the last 6th episode. Viewers follows the series of Canevim, which began to be published in Summer and starring Biran Damla Yılmaz and Özgür Cevik. And did the new episode trailer of Canevim series be released? Here are some curious details about the series…

In the last episode of Canevim (My Life); With the help of Ceylan’s sister, Kristina is attempt to learn the truth has jeopardised all of Taylan’s plans. Because of what happened, the very tense Kristina feels that this game can’t go on any longer, and it moves.

Canevim 7 Bolum
Episode 7 Canevim (My Life): Summary And Trailer
What happen in the last episode?
Her decision leaves Taylan in a very difficult position. Ömer, who tracked Fikret, is faced with Taylan. They learned from Taylan, Omar’s relationship with Ceylan will cause a new tension.

Taylan, who is engaged to be close to Ceylan, decides to invest in the neighborhood. Feryal, who dislikes this situation, will do his best to prevent his son. The bad memories of Elvan’s family because of the lives of his brother, when he is back on the day, Sezgin is more connected to Elvan by day.

When everyone tries to support Ceylan, they try to figure out if this girl they saw for the first time in their lives is telling the truth. Omar is furious with this great slander. To exonerate himself in everyone’s eyes, either let Kristina tell the truth, or whoever sent her to her door will reveal the main person behind this event. The story that Taylan prepared is devastating to Ceylan. Taylan captures a great opportunity to get closer to Ceylan, while filling every void to make sure that the steps of the demanding plan are functioning correctly.

Canevim (My Life) Episode 7 Trailer

Canevim (My Life) Episode 7
The serie will be updated on July 15th. Thank you ….

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