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Benim Tatlı Yalanım Episodes

The new 7th episode trailer of Benim Tatlı Yalanım (My Sweet Lie) has released! Suna is falling in love step by step!

In the latest episode was released on Star TV screens. Starring Aslı Bekiroğlu, Furkan Palalı and Lavinya Ünlüer in the last part of Benim Tatlı Yalanım (My Sweet Lie); Nejat and Suna family will take their first vacation. Romantic holiday wraps love chimney. The Series lovers are curious about the adventures of Nejat and Suna in the new chapter. So, is the new 7th episode trailer has released? Here are the detail of the series ……

In the last chapter of the series; In Kayra’s calendar, the days of her mother will be reduced rapidly, while Nejat decides to make a surprise. Kayra will be on the first vacation with her parents. When the holidays are very exciting and the business phones that are not leaving Nejat’s pursuit are divided frequently, Suna puts the event in hand. Here is 7th episode trailer and episode summary of Benim Tatlı Yalanım (My Sweet Lie).

Episode 7 Benim Tatlı Yalanım
Benim Tatlı Yalanım (My Sweet Lie) Episode 7

What happen in the last episode?
During their holiday time, they both turn off their phones and walk away from what happened in Istanbul. Meanwhile, Nejat’s cover as a business person of the year, the magazine is about to be printed and the lid has Suna.

After Sevket’s approval, Suna and Nejat’s relationship has now been balanced. When everything goes well, Nejat is nominated for the young business Man of the Year award. For Nejat It is very important to receive this award. Suna, as Nejat’s wife, Aylin will do everything in his hand to give him this award. Meanwhile, Hande realizes that this happy marriage game starring Nejat and Suna is not what it looks like.

Benim Tatlı Yalanım Episode 7 Trailer

Benim Tatlı Yalanım Episode 7
The serie will be updated on July 24th. Thank You ……

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