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Bizim Hikaye All Episodes

The new 66th episode trailer of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) released; Filiz is taking a blow from where she never waits!

On FOX TV with the last Episode of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) came to the screen. The Elibol finally gets to the riches they want. One of Them is still very careful and complains of the wasteful movements of their brothers.

Kiraz and Fiko are once again trying to help their fathers by being in temptation. Filiz is terrified of her family’s breakup, and she takes the ropes. Filiz, who wants to protect Baris from the trouble, has to deal with Çenk and Tufan. So what else happened in the Last chapter of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story)?.

With the last 65th chapter of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story); Baris comes home with 1 million Dollar. Kiraz, Fiko, Rahmet and even Ismet want to enjoy this money. But She’s mad at their extravagant attitude. Fikret goes after the money and asks for support from Kiraz and Fiko. The Minibol, of course, accept Fikret’s offer. With Wealth, it doesn’t settle. He’s afraid of the breakup of his Family, but everything is not going as he wants. Here is 66th episode trailer and episode summary of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story)

What happen in the last episode?
Fiko leaves Kiraz and Ismo in the park, and they go after the woman that Fikret’s pants are wearing. Kiraz and Fiko attack the woman’s pocket and find the ticket. They’re Excited to go home and scream, “We’re rich.” Filiz, Baris and Cicek live in great joy. But the first question of Filiz is Ismet. When she finds out that she’s staying at the park, they act immediately. 

Meanwhile, Ismet Is leaving the park with a man who gives him chocolates. When Filiz arrives at the park with Baris, he sees that Ismo is not there and he’s terrified. When Filiz and Barış return home, they encounter Fikret and Ersin. She says that if they don’t find Ismo, she won’t even show you the end of the ticket. But Fikret has no son, but he doesn’t care. He says it’s a good idea to kidnap Ersin for a ticket. Even if we get stuck, he says we’ll miss Kismet.
Bizim Hikaye 66
Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) Episode 66: Summary And Trailer

Outrageous game from Fikret
Filiz is looking for an unknown number while waiting for news from her brother in a hurry at home. He says he wants the ticket in exchange for bringing Ismo to Eva. The Household is witnessing these moments. Even Cemil is there. But Nobody understands anything at first because Fikret and the caller changed his voice. But at that time, Ismo is coming out with uncle. The uncle who said he took Ismet for a ride, says he’s unaware of everything that happened. Rahmet shows that he understands who is looking for them with his gaze.

Fikret cashing money

Baris brings 1 million dollar to the house in cash. Kiraz, Fiko and Rahmet are going shopping. They come home with their hands full of arms. When Filiz sees what his brothers are taking, he goes berserk. He’s mad about spending so much money. Meanwhile, Fikret goes after the money. He wants help from Fiko and Kiraz to bring his Plan to life. Fiko and Kiraz agree to help Fikret. In the End, everyone steals from separate wires and the family does not want to be scattered, Filiz takes the ropes. She manages to get everyone in line.

Filiz eats goals from where she waits
She’s not enough to deal with her brothers, but she’s dealing with the problems of Baris. Filiz, who wants to protect her husband, is also getting help from Deniz and Rahmet. But the real problem comes from Tufan and Cicek.

Bizim Hikaye Episode 66 Trailer

Bizim Hikaye Episode 66
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