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Bizim Hikaye All Episodes

65th episode trailer of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) released. The Vengeance of Filiz and Cicek is painful!

In the last episode of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) came up with FOX TV; The Elibol survived with the emergence of Murtaza’s wife, the ex-wife of Tufan. But Ferda Haunting Tufan. And when Cemil and Cicek get caught, it’s a good mess. And the fact that Baris’s new colleague is an ex-girlfriend. Filiz and Cicek are coming out to girl for revenge. On a Fun evening, when they have a hard time, men who love them are worried. So what else happened in the last chapter? Has the new 65th episode trailer of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) been released?

With the last episode of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story), the audience came out tonight. In the last episode; When Murtaza pointed his weapon, his beloved wife, Ferda, is coming. Tufan knows Ferda As soon as he sees it. A quick plan is being made to get rid of Murtaza’s hand. Tufan is approaching Ferda. This approach is causing a crisis between men and women. After he survived Murtaza, Filiz catches Baris while chatting with his ex-girlfriend. And This woman is the new colleague of Baris. So How did Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) come to the new episode trailer? Here is 65th episode trailer and episode summary of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) …..

What happen in the last episode?
Hikmet, Cicek, Tufan, Deniz and Cemil Murtaza in the hands of death comes to the nose. Murtaza brings The Elibol to the point he wants. All Murtaza wants is to find out where Fikret is. When Murtaza pointed his gun at Deniz, Fikret and his family come to the news. Murtaza is very pleased with this news. Filiz is brought to the side of Baris and Fikret. Baris says that Tufans are out there and will save them. But when the others come in, they’re shocked. Filiz is very concerned when she sees her brother’s face.

Episode 65 Bizim Hikaye
Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) Episode 65

Baris wants Murtaza to leave the children and solve their problems with them. But Murtaza draws his magic, saying he won’t negotiate. They’ll collapse It all. Murtaza draws his weapon towards Fikri, and then says he will leave it to the end. At that moment, Murtaza’s wife, Ferda, is coming. Ferda is also the ex-wife of Tufan. This development hopes to get rid of everyone. They’re pushing Tufan to convince Ferda. Fikri, Baris, Cemil and Deniz, while taking a shortcut to Ferda’s weakness in Tufan, saying that Cicek, Filiz and Rahmet wants to tell the situation directly and help. Tufan is trying to look hot on Fikret of seducing Ferda. Ferda is also pleased with yesterday and immediately approaches Tufan. But when Murtaza catches them, things are getting worse.

Jealousy fight is begin
The Elibol is finally getting away from Murtaza. But it is against the choice of women and men between the Cataclysm. Meanwhile, Ferda endeavours not to leave Tufan. And Cicek catches Cemil on Ferda. Meanwhile, Filiz learns of Barış ‘s new colleague. While Baris is reminiscing with his old lover, he is caught by Filiz. Cicek and Filiz are taking hands for revenge and having fun at night-club. Baris and Cemil are going crazy with jealousy. Filiz and Cicek come out to the raft, but they don’t know what to do. They Finally find themselves in a bar. That’s Where they meet Deniz. When a man’s group is talking to them, it’s a mess. And they find themselves at the precinct. Baris, Cemil and Hikmet, who are concerned at home, are taking this news at the last minute.

The revenge of Filiz and Cicek
Eventually, Filiz and Cicek decide to give a lesson to men, with the inclusion of Deniz in their revenge plan. While All this is happening, Fikret does not stop empty, and the Elibol ways will be placed in the midst of a new adventure that is to be tested with wealth this time. In a Harmless start-up adventure, this time the pumpkin will explode on the smallest of the family.

Bizim Hikaye Episode 65 Trailer


Bizim Hikaye Episode 65
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