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Kuzgun All Episode

The new 6th episode trailer of Kuzgun (The Raven) has came! What happen in the last episode?

On Star TV with the last episode came to the screen last night with Episode 5. In the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven); Bora’s father learns that Kuzgun killed Kudos, and the Great War begins. Bora Kuzgun is making his first move to confront Dila. Meryem is faced with death. When Dila finds out that Kuzgun killed Kudos, she confirms to her father that it is true. The steps that Dila will take with this reality are changing the course of the battle between Bora and Kuzgun. What else happened in the last episode? The trailer of the new 6th episode of Kuzgun (The Raven) was released. Here’s what you wonder about the series.

In the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven) on Star TV appeared on the screens to the audience. Dila is a lawyer for Bora. Kuzgun is realizing the plan of Bora and he’s playing a big gamble. Bora is setting a trap for him and Meryem by increasing the intensity of the war between Kuzgun and Meryem. The life of Meryem depends on the decision of Kuzgun. When Dila learns that Kuzgun is a murderer, he is faced with a difficult choice between justice and the man he loves. Kuzgun is making a very important offer to Rifat about Bora. Well,  has the new 6th episode trailer of Kuzgun (The Raven) arrived? You can read the new chapter summary…

What happened in the last episode?
Dila’s efforts to convergence to Kuzgun are fruitless. Kuzgun says that in memory of the past, he cannot live with love and that his heart does not. Dila says “I’m Dead” in tears. Kuzgun goes to Rifat and tells him there’s no sign of the honor’s murder. Rifat is very relieved. He invites him to the dining table. It would explain to the table that Kuzgun had close protection and that it was family.

Bora offers shock to Dila 
Bora asks Dila on the table to be his lawyer to take care of his father’s case. Dila says, “We talk,” but Kuzgun is very upset with this offer.

Kuzgun ep 6
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Ali Seref explains about Kuzgun
Dila asks Kuzgun to go out and ask him what he’s talking about with the press. Meanwhile, Ali says to her, “Do you wonder who your father’s murderer is?” when Bora tells him what she knows, she says her father’s killer is Kuzgun, and then he bids, “will you finish him or should I finish him?”

The Tears of Meryem
When Kuzgun leaves the house in the morning, her mother sees Meryem. Meryem prepared her from the foods she loved. Kuzgun buys his food, gives it back to him, and asks him not to bring anything like that again. Meryem will drown in tears.

Bora’s plan to hurt Kuzgun
Bora learns about the history of Kuzgun, where she learned that he killed Bora press. Bora’s goal is to make a move that will hurt her. He’s obsessed with kidnapping someone from his family to hurt Kuzgun. Meanwhile, Rifat tells Kuzgun that Dila does not exist in these events. Kuzgun agrees, saying, “You’re the boss.”

Ali gives the camera recordings to Bora
Meanwhile, Ali came to Bora and tells her how Kuzgun killed her father, Şeref. Rifat tells Dila that he has the protection of Kuzgun. He cannot succeed in opposition to the language. After Ali is gone, Bora realizes what the real purpose of Ali is. Ali’s camera records in the restaurant Yusuf tells Bora to deliver the images to Dila. Yusuf asks why he mixed Dila into her father’s murder.

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 6 Trailer

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 6
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