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Hercai All Episodes

The new 6th episode trailer of Hercai released!; Reyyan is at the end of the barrel!

In the new 6th episode trailer of Hercai: Reyyan appears to be pointed at the gun, while Miran is crying, saying, “I’ve never been like this… “. Hercai’s 5th episode has published. Reyyan is coming to the Aslan’s mansion with Miran. The fire in the heart of Azize is still not extinguishing and will not stop until the root of the Shadogul. 

Gul comes out of the hospital and asks her grandfather to bring her sister as soon as she comes home. Yaren is deceiing Firat to hurt Aslanbey. Fırat explains the true identity of Gönül to Yaren. When Yaren comes home and tells the story, Zehra finds herself in the House of Aslanbey. And what else happened in the last 5th episode of Hercai?

In the last chapter of the Hercai; Hazar has to deliver Reyyan to Miran. Miran kidnapped Reyyan and takes her home. Azize is setting up his new plan over Reyyan. But the heart doesn’t feel comfortable, it’s a knife to the throat and brings the mess together. He hears Şadoğul is married to Miran. Zehra is pushing the mansion to get her daughter. But Miran says that Reyyan cannot give him to live. Here is 6th episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai ……

What happen in the last episode?
Gonul is beating in front of Miran’s throat. Miran say: “I do not want you to die… !” he gets the knife in her hand. Reyyan says she wants to go to Miran. Miran is trying to calm her down, and he won’t let Reyyan go. He Even locks her in the room. Reyyan is screaming that she won’t stop there by opening the window. Gonul is losing even more with the voice of Reyyan. Azize wants to calm Gonul and she loses herself once again. She says she has Azize plan, and that’s why Reyyan is there. Elif also crossed her grandmother’s face, how bad her plan is. Elif says that she avenged the pain of Azize, and said that Reyyan was a sinless woman. Elif is learning how to slaughter Miran’s father from her grandmother. She says Miran’s father is the murderer of Hazar.

hercai 6 bolum
Episode 6 Hercai: Turkish Drama

Hazar: “I gave Reyyan to Miran”
Gul is getting better enough to go home. Zehra is worried about Reyyan. When Hazar went to the hospital, she said she gave Reyyan to Miran. She says she did it because she feared her Father would kill her. Zehra is mad at her daughter saying that it is Miran who made these evils. Hazar says that Miran has jumped from the bridge behind Reyyan and believes he will protect her.

Yaren’s vow of vengeance
Azat is having a great devastation for taking Miran-Reyyan. He is distraught from his family. Yaren is filled with rage when she sees her brother’s desperity. She is on the phone looking for Firat. Firat is accepting this offer. After he closes the phone, he vows revenge.

Miran: They take you from me
Reyyan wants to see Gul. Miran comes with the clothes he bought for Reyyan, but Reyyan sees nothing. When Reyyan insisted, “Why not you take me, miran?  they will receive you from me “ she says. After Miran is gone, Elif goes to Reyyan and apologizes to her. And she is talking about revenge. Now, Reyyan learns that what happened to her was a vengeance. But she can’t learn the cause of vengeance. Elif, after Reyyan going to Miran, all of them are insane, neither Reyyan nor Gonul, she says she does not deserve.

Yaren is deceting Firat

Yaren meets Firat. Firat is confident that Miran and Reyyan are in the mansion. Yaren says he wants to hold the hands of Firat and see Reyyan. But Firat refuses this offer. Fırat says that Yaren is furious the night when Miran wants Reyyan. Yaren says she does not want Miran, she said yes to this job with her grandfather’s hard work. Fırat tells Yaren that he is Miran’s wife.

Zehra: “Aslanbey mansion is pushing”
When Yaren returns home, she cries out all the information she hears from Firat. She says that Gonul is Miran’s wife, and Miran is shutting down Reyyan. Freeing immediately moves for Reyyan. Nasuh’s getting worse. Handan, who went after Azat, saw Zehra, saying that Miran is married and that Reyyan is shutting down. Zehra loses herself and goes to Aslanbey’s mansion. She says she won’t be able to convince her mother. Zehra comes in front of the mansion and starts screaming. When Reyyan heard her mother’s voice, she threw herself in the window and shouted, “Open the door.” Miran throws a slap on Zehra as soon as she exits the door. Then she asks Miran for an account. And Then she screams, “You shut my daughter up.” The face of Firat is like a lime. Zehra cries out how she has Miran. Miran says that Reyyan will die as soon as he leaves the house. Zehra is forced to leave there by the curse.

Hercai Episode 6 Trailer

Hercai Episode 6
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