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The new 6th episode trailer of Canevim (My Life) has released! Ömer and Taylan Face to Face!

The series of Canevim (My Life), which says hello to audience on the ATV on Monday evenings. The series of Canevim (My Life), which will lock the fans per screen, is a series of Kırgın Cicekler with a wide range of known Biran Damla Yilmaz and Ozgur Çevik. The series that brings the sound with the part, as the indispensable series of summer days will be… Who are the actors, what are they, where are they being taken? Here is Canevim (My Life) new 6th episode trailer and episode summary ….

The new trailer of the series of Canevim (My Life), which has set the throne in the heart of the audience with its spectacular storyline, great story and ambitious players, was released. The curiously anticipated new trailer; Omar is standing in front of Ceylan and says she will not give up. Behold, the new 6th episode trailer of Canevim (My Life), which Ömer and Taylan are facing each other …

Canevim (My Life) ep 6
Canevim (My Life) Episode 6: Summary And Trailer

What happen in the las episode?
Taylan’s plan is separating Ceylan and Omar! Ceylan and Omar are “Happy”. engagement days have been messed up by stealing Kristina’s doors. The baby that Kristina carries in his belly and Omar’s story about his exerations in his life creates big question marks in the mind of Ceylan and his family. When everyone tries to support Ceylan, they try to figure out if this girl they saw for the first time in their lives is telling the truth. 

Omar is furious with this great slander. To exonerate himself in everyone’s eyes, either let Kristina tell the truth, or whoever sent her to her door will reveal the main person behind this event. The story that Taylan prepared is devastating to Ceylan. Taylan captures a great opportunity to get closer to Ceylan, while filling every void to make sure that the steps of the demanding plan are functioning correctly.

Canevim (My Life) Plot Story
The series depicts the events that are evolving around a family that is tightly linked to each other’s troubles. Canevim, who wrote his screenplay Filiz Alpgezmen, Eylem Akın and Murat Can Tura, will make the throne in the hearts of ATV viewers with its powerful scenario and skillful players who will take everyone from seven to seventy.

The Haksever family is a family that is connected to each other in a tight bond with all the challenges of life. Günnur and Hamza, their daughters; For the sake of Ceylan, Müjgan and Ayse, they are struggling with life, knowing that even in the darkest moments, they praise each other’s existence. The greatest daughters of this hot family that have changed their destiny is Elvan’s return home. The House’s devoted daughter, Ceylan, has loved Omar with a great love. Ceylan begins to work at the home of Tanbaylar, a strong and wealthy family. On his first day at work, Ceylan experiences a very unpleasant encounter with Taylan Tanbay, an obsessive and extraordinary man. When Taylan pushes the young girl’s veins, Ceylan humiliates this man in front of everyone who is inaccessible and leaves the job. Now Taylan has an important account to close!

Canevim (My Life) Cast
For a long time, the most anticipated Canevim (My Life) series of actors-actresses are: Biran Damla Yilmaz, Aras Aydın and Özgür Cevik share the leading roles of Simge Selçuk, Nihan buyukagac, Zuhal Gencer Erkaya, Riza Akin, Burcu Tuna, Ezgi Şenler, Bedia Ener , Münire Apaydin and Nur Çamçakalli are the name of the players.

Canevim (My Life) Filming Location
Canevim (My Life) series is held in Beykoz, the most beautiful district of Istanbul, which has hosted many series and films in the past. Beykoz, the coastal district of the Anatolian side, is gaining the appreciation of the viewers with all the beauty of the strait.

Canevim (My Life) Episode 6 Trailer

Canevim (My Life) Episode 6
The serie will be updated on Juli 8th. Thank You …..

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