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The new 50th episode trailer of Episode 50 Erkenci kuş (Early Bird) has released! 

Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman, the beloved series that shared the starring in Erkenci kuş (Early Bird) to be published on tuesday, August 6, will say goodbye to the screens. In the last 49th episode; Sanem takes a radical decision about her life. Erkenci kuş (Early Bird) released the new 50th episode trailer. So what else happen in the last episode of Erkenci kuş (Early Bird) ……

In the last episode of Erkenci kuş (Early Bird) series; The little lie that Leyla said to save the campaign creates big problems in the agency. Sanem, who is trying to regain Can, takes a radical decision because of an incident. Here is 50th episode trailer and episode summary of Erkenci kuş (Early Bird).

What happen in the last episode?
Can is trying to cling to life after his traffic accident. After his traffic accident, who manages to cling to life, he realizes that he is experiencing a health problem that shocked Sanem. Facing the problem, Sanem reopens the agency with the help of the team, but they are both unaware of how difficult they have entered.

Episode 50 Erkenci kuş
Erkenci kuş (Early Bird) Episode 50

Faruk Turgut, the producer of Episode 50 Erkenci kuş (Early Bird) series, used the following statements in a statement from his personal social media account:

Erkenci kuş (Early Bird) Episode 51 is the final episode is a correct news. The agreement with the channel is 52, and the 52 part of the Feast of Sacrifice is the equivalent of Channel Star TV, So 51th episode was decided to be the final chapter.

Episode 50 Erkenci kuş (Early Bird) actors-actresses and technical team have been working nonstop for 15 months. Holiday is right on them. The remaining 3 episodes more. Enjoy It!. Thank you.

Erkenci kuş Episode 50 Trailer

Erkenci kuş Episode 50
The serie will be updated on July 27th. Thank You ……

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