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The new 5th episode Leke (The Stain) has released; Cem is inviting Yasemin to the club. He’s got a big surprise for her. In the night, he sees Yasemin with Arda Cem. Remembering Yasmine from a boat bust, Arda is lying about her mother. Yasemin wants to help Sirin, who is beaten to the door, but Sirin disappears. Hakan Manager, Birkan is squeezing about the expression of Yasmine. Birkan wants help from Serpil and is making an evil plan. He cannot believe when he sees Mehmet Yasemin next to Cem, but he has a plan for Yasemin. So what else happen in the last episode of Leke (The Stain)

Yasemine is shocked when she sees Sirin, who came to her door miserable. Sirin disappears without giving her the chance to help Yasmine. Yasemin desperately wants Birkan to help find Sirin. Yasemin’s obsession with growing increasingly obsessed with the sister of Birkan Hakan, after asking for the expression of the sisters Serpil, makes an unimaginable plan. Mehmet decides to be the CEO at any cost, and this is preparing to sacrifice Yasemin. Saddled with Murat’s condition, Cem is offering to help Yasemin with surgery, but Yasmin’s attitude deeply influences Cem.

Cem comes to Yasemine’s house. Yasemine proposes to drink tea. But Cem says he will get up early in the morning. Cem tells Yasemin that every second she spends with her is very good. He apologizes to Jasmine for hurting her and asks her to forgive. Jasmine says she’s forgiven. Cem will ask you when to meet again. Yasemine says, “We’ll talk.” He kisses Cem Yasemin and leaves the house saying good night.

Birkan’s sister meets Serpil. He asks Serpil where the girls were, and then injured and injured. Serpil says that girls are intact. Serpil asks Birkan if he learns anything. It is concerned that the names of Serpil can be passed anywhere. Birkan learns the situation by calling his friend in the police. Birkan says there’s no fear. Serpil is relieved.

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Leke (The Stain) Episode 5
Yasemin writes something to her diary after sleeping. It shines from happiness to the face. At that time, a message arrives at Cem’s phone. Mehmet apologizes to Cem in the morning. “The woman with Arda’s mother,” said Cem is a little distorted and “closed that topic,” he enters the room without giving the opportunity to speak more than Mehmet. He enters Mehmet Cem’s room and says, “Your mother has established a company for Arda.” He has been very disturbed by the insistent speeches of Cem Mehmet. He says to Mehmet, “Why do you care?”

Mehmet, Cem’s brother Arda because the CEO’s position is difficult, saying that “if the offer comes immediately reject. Arda’s situation is not easy to descend from above, “he says and exits the room. Oktay gathered everyone in the conference room. When he talks about developments after his departure, Mehmet says, “he asks questions about the new CEO. Oktay says the decision on the new CEO is in itself. Mehmet asks what his decision is. He wants to say Oktay Cem, but the subject is shifted in another direction.

Mehmet, Cem, Arda, about the trump card, while trying to squeeze the move from Cem. He shares his brother Arda’s drug-related incident with the table. Mehmet’s gun exploded in his hand. It’ll crumple the paper out of your rage. Cem looks at the face of Mehmet in a cynical expression.

Birkan wants to visit him by calling Yasemin. He asks Birkan what the issue is, but when Birkan comes, he says they will talk. He tells Smurf Serpil he can’t do this job anymore. Serpil agrees but has a condition. He says he can leave if he pays smurf the money he borrowed from him. He says he’s going to pay the Smurf money, but Serpil wants time.

Oktay’s second shock
Mehmet goes to Oktay and says he wants to be a CEO. He tries to tell Oktay why Cem is not a CEO by hitting Cem’s brother in a somewhat threatening way. Oktay has realized the situation. He gives Mehmet an example of the boss’s daughter and tells me that the boss of Cem’s brother will not worry about the drug issue. Mehmet will be demoled once more.

Sirin goes to Yesemin
He criticizes Mehmet’s attitude at dinner with Oktay Cem. He then asks for the status of Arda and warns Cem of his brother. Jasmine Birkan gets her purse missing from the night of the event. She proposes to dine outside and comes to Hakan manager when she leaves the room. Yasemin thanked Hakan Birkan while leaving the room, saying the statement about the girl who disappeared still does not reach the prosecutor’s office asks the status. He looks at Hakan with a gaping eye. At night, Cem invites Jasmine to dinner. She tells Jasmine to come and get her preparation. Yasemin is prepared. The door player opens the door thinking that Yasemin Cem is coming, but finds Sirin in the face.

Mehmet is setting up Yasemin

Yasemine is shocked to see the scars on Smurf’s face. He asks Smurf what happened and who did this to him. Meanwhile, after Mehmet Oktay, he makes a plan to become the company’s new CEO. He explains his plan to Pelin. The company’s boss tells Her about the dinner conversation with Her Fischer. He tells his boss that he’s been to Istanbul before, but he’s always talking business and asking, “Would you like to have a nice night in Istanbul”? When Pelin asks how to spend this beautiful night, Mehmet says, “I will send Jasmine.”

Leke (The Stain) Episode 5 Trailer

Leke (The Stain) Episode 5
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