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New 5th episode trailer of Hercai is released!; Who is trying to kill Reyyan?

Hercai new 5th episode trailer released. In the new episode trailer, Reyyan tries to drown a mysterious pillow while he sleeps. In the last chapter; Miran, rescuing Reyyan from the water. Nasuh and Hazar in the bazaar after the Azize shock when they come home hears Zehra’s screams. Zehra sticks to Nasuh’s throat as soon as she walks through the door. She says Aslanbey are back by warning by Nasuh family. Handan understands that the incident is about Hazar. Meanwhile, Reyyan and Miran share their trump card. Reyyan who does not trust Miran and does not want to be with him shoots Miran without blinking and blinks. And what else happened in the last episode of Hercai? Here’s What you wonder about the series.

Hercai new 5th episode
trailer came across the audience. The New episode trailer marked “No one can protect Her better than I am now!” In the last part of the Hercai; Reyyan cannot forgive Miran. Miran is so afraid that something is going to happen to her. Zehra adds the mansion to her daughter. Nasuh says Reyyan is not guilty, but she gives Reyyan the death sentence, saying she will pay for the sin of Hazar. Meanwhile, Rose wakes up. While Zehra is in pain, she suddenly tastes happiness. Hazar is going to find Reyyan. Reyyan, saying that he will not forgive Miran, shoots him on the ground with his pierced words. Finally, pulling the trigger and hitting the guy he loves. Here is Hercai 5th episode trailer and episode summary …….

What hapen in the last episode?
Reyyan throws herself down the bridge before she blinks. Miran jumps into the water without hesitation. Despite all the obstructs of Reyyan, he pulls it out of the water. Azad and Fırat are desperate to look after Miran and Reyyan. When Miran pulled Reyyan out of the water, Reyyan lies unconscious. Miran says that something happened to Reyyan and that she would never die. He is bringing Reyyan to herself by making Artificial Tenefus. The moment Reyyan opens her eyes, she escapes from Miran.

Zehra does at Handan side
At home, nobody knows what’s happening. Zahra punks the door and pleates for her daughter. The Houseworkers are unbearable and unlocking Zehra’s door. As soon as Zahra comes out, she sticks to Handan’s collar. If something happened to her daughter, she’d burn the mansion. Handan is not staying back from her, and she says her son’s head is burned because of Reyyan. Yaren has to call Azat. Azat tells Yaren that Reyyan is gone. Zehra receives the phone, Azat says Zehra threw herself off the bridge and jumped after Miran. Zehra drops the phone and wailing herself on the ground.

Episode 5 Hercai
Episode 5 Hercai: Turkish Drama

Zehra does on the neck of Nasuh
After the words of Azize, Nasuh leans down in front of the entire bazaar. He’s warning Hazar’s father and they’re leaving. Although Hazar insists, Nasuh wants to go home, not to the hospital. Nasuh hears the screaming of Hazar and Zehra who come home. Zahra sticks to Nasuh’s throat as soon as he enters the house. Hazar said that Reyyan is dead. Hazar says that Azat said so on purpose. Zahra wants her to find her daughter.

Reyyan: ” I will not make that mistake again.”

Reyyan is catching Miran while she is running. She is mad because she won’t even let her Die. Crushed under the Miran error. Reyyan told Miran that she would never make that mistake again. Miran leg is torn down by the words of Reyyan, who want to take the injured Reyyan on her shoulder. Reyyan asks Miran for an account, saying she can’t carry the burden on her shoulder.

Azize takes a revenge

He is enjoying his return to the Mansion. He takes his Family’s stuff out of the trunk. He’s opening the closed rooms. Preparations are also underway at home. The mansion comes to life again. When the House sees Azize, they understand that he’s avenged. Elif also comes running home after Azize and asks her father for an account. Azize’s grandson doesn’t explain, and he’s telling him not to go out without knowing.

Miran does not leave Reyyan
As the Reyyan walks, Miran goes after her. When Reyyan sees a car passing by, he wants him to run towards him and lock the doors. But It’s Firat car. Even though the Reyyan is self-aliging, Miran says she can’t go anywhere. And Fırat says both families are after them.

Nasuh gives death sentence for Reyyan and Miran
Nasuh collects the household. He says They’re being framed. Everyone outside Hazar is listening to  Nasuh, curiously. Nasuh says Aslanbey is back, and his family is on the lookout. And Nasuh announces that Miran is Aslanbey. Reyyan now makes sense of what he heard before the wedding.

Zehra is asking Nasuh for an account, and Nasuh is taking everyone out except his sons. Nasuh commands Miran and Reyyan to be killed. He says Hazar is innocent, but according to Nasuh, Reyyan is stained and wants them dead. Cihan is standing next to his brother. As his Uncle, he says he won’t let the death of his nephew. Nasuh sends a slap on Cihan. After Cihan left, Nasuh says that Hazar will commit sin and that Reyyan would pay the price.

Aslan is receiving news of Miran’s death
Nasuh,is pushing Aslan’s mansion. That’s how Azize learns what happened to Miran. He says Miran jumped to death after Reyyan. The Heartache is drowning in tears. Azize says that Miran won’t do anything like that. Nasuh put the black inscription on Azize on the ground and vows vengeance.

Hercai Episode 5 Trailer

Hercai Episode 5
The serie will be updated on April 12nd. Thank You …..

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