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The new 5th episode trailer of Çocuk (The Children) has released! Hasan kidnaps Akca! Watch the trailer here ……

The beloved series of Star TV screens Çocuk (The Children) appeared tonight at 08 PM. In the remarkable new episode, two exes are recovering from the past, while Emine manages to save her life at the last moment. After the episode, the audience will be able to watch Çocuk (The Children) Episode 5 looking for answers to the question of whether the episode trailer has been released.

Monday night’s beloved series Çocuk (The Children) locked viewers in the screen tonight with its fourth episode. In the new episode, Ali Kemal can’t understand Akça’s departure, unaware of his mother’s actions, while Shule learns that Akça is Efe’s mother. After the end of the episode, viewers will be screened for Çocuk (The Children) 5th Episode. Here is 5th episode trailer and episode summary of Çocuk (The Children) ……

Episode 5 Çocuk
Çocuk (The Children) Episode 5

What happen in the last episode?
Akca is in Hasan’s hands. While two exes are recovering from the past, Emine manages to save her life at the last minute. For Akca, the only way to get rid of Hasan is to either die or take Hasan’s life.

Ali Kemal, unaware of his mother’s actions, can not understand the departure of Akça, Shule learned that Akca is Efe’s mother. There’s only one way to get Shule out of Efe, and that’s find Cade.

Akca darkens his eyes and wounds Hassan. Hasan is piled up with a fatal wound, while Shule and Akca face each other. Shule makes an offer to Akca, either take the child and leave, or goes to jail as Hasan’s killer.

Akca tells him to bring the child. But the plan of two women is broken by Emine at the last minute. Asiye is happy to have Efe come home, and while she asks Shule to answer for it, She hears that her mother does not want her, that she does not love her. There is only one place to escape beside Akça…

There’s nothing to stop Akca this time. As he escapes with his son, the alarm bells ring for Asiye, who learns of this. Ali Kemal must find Akça and take Efe from him before he knows the truth.

Çocuk Episode 5 Trailer

Çocuk Episode 5
The serie will be updated on October 7th. Thank You ……

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