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The new 5th episode trailer of Afili Aşk (Affectionate) has released! Ayse is getting jealous!

In the last episode was aired on Kanal D screens. Afili Aşk (Affectionate) starring by Çağlar Ertuğrul, Burcu Özberk and Altan Erkekli in the last eppsode; Kerem is faced with an interesting surprise at the night of Ayse’s family. The viewers are wondering what’s going to happen in the new chapter. In the new 5th episode trailer, Ayse is entering the jealousy crisis! 

Thanks to Ayse, the days of martial law for Kerem who survived the arrest of his father begin. The agenda changes rapidly with insects that surprise the house of the nephew. The family has to unload the house for a while. Ayse and Kerem will spend the night in Ayse’s family. Here is 5th episode trailer and episode summary of Afili Aşk (Affectionate) …..
Episode 5 Afili Aşk
Episode 5 Afili Aşk (Affectionate): Summary And Trailer
What happen in the last episode?
Kerem is unaware of the big surprise waiting for himself in the family environment. Ayse is in the way of putting his life on the road. Ayse, who started working in Modamu, is unaware of the future.

Berk is telling everything puts Ayse and Kerem in a very difficult situation. Ayse and Kerem will have to prove their love of lies to everyone, especially Reza and Muhsin.

It will not be as easy as they think to prove their love for the two who have a combination of necessity and hate each other.

Yelda, on the other hand, cannot accept ayse. Ceyda and Yelda start looking for the openings of Ayse. A mistake that Kerem made on the night of the wedding will ruin everything.

Afili Aşk Episode 5 Trailer

Afili Aşk Episode 5
The serie will be updated on July 10th. Thank You ……

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