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Is Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) 48th episode trailer released? One semester is closing! Now its his turn…

Final 47th episode for 2nd season; Ender, as he has wished for a long time, is not even aware of the imminent deadly danger, as it takes the life of Yildiz as a hair from the sweat oil. Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) in the last chapter; Having faced the dark side of Shahika for the first time, he found himself in the cool waters of the strait as a result of his enthusiasm being struck by a hard object on the head of Ender.

Fox TV screens published on Monday, May 27th Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) final 47th episode of the second season; From the very beginning, the final plan prepared by the aim of ending Halit-Yildiz’s association and ensuring that there is no connection between them and that Yildiz has lost everything that has ever achieved has successfully resulted. Halit’s ex-wife to fall into the network of the suspect that Yildiz is guilty on the decision of the marriage of punctuation, while everyone’s eyes outside the door, while the hand of nothing left in the hands of Yildiz of the event is not a long time to come out Revenge. Ender, who gives an overwhelming advantage in the face of Yildiz, began to enjoy the victory Şahika in order to destroy Ender’s power and wealth, the plan is put into the process and to conquer the castle from the inside with Khalid.  

Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) after the advancement of sincerity 48th episode trailer is expected. Yildiz, even though there is no fault of being declared a scapegoat, the blood of the eye and the threat of death to Ender while continuing to defy the fearlessly, while the other notorious enemy of Ender, Şahika can kill his eyes without even blinking Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) 48th episode trailer has been released? In the Final section was moved to the new season trailer screens after the scene of Ender in the pier was shot by a surprise person on the head with a hard object, losing its balance and rolling it into the cool waters of the strait.

yasak elma season 3
Episode 48 Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple): Season 3

Yasak Elma Episode 48
Yasak Elma came the first image from the new season! Halit’s state is miserable!

The first scene from the new season of Yasak Elma was released. Halit has lost everything, and while the beard is waiting for the hair to be mixed together, Yildiz comes in a luxury vehicle. Yildiz, say to Halit: ‘ I’ll leave you to the destination ‘. Seeing that, Halit is surprised. It was also curious how Halit was poorer, and how Yildiz gained all the wealth. In the last episode, Ender is downloading Yildiz from the fight scene with a defeat, but she has no intention of giving up Halit. If Halit wants to hear it. Ender is facing the truth of Shahika without having to enjoy destroying Yildiz. When Şahika threatened Ender without even blinking, he was determined to decide what a tough enemy he was. Ender is surrounded by enemies. And it’s preparing a very bad ending for him.

What happen in the last episode?
Ender’s trap for Yildiz is working being kicked out. In front of Ender’s eyes. Halit thinks Yildiz is setting him up and puts Yildiz on the door. When Yildiz pleading first and then vows Vengeance, Halit opens the door once more. “You can’t take anything from me,” Halit, who takes the Jewels on Yildiz. Yildiz is falling apart with this attitude. Yildiz who cried that Masun is drowning in tears. Ender is too busy enjoying this victory. However, it is Shahika before Yildiz who will ruin Ender. Ender understands that he’s after Shahika. Yildiz is trying to prove that he is not guilty in this process. However, Halit is no longer in a position to think of her. Yildiz is so furious with Ender that he says he can kill her.

Ender’s tough Enemy
Shahika is sworn to destroy Ender. He’s working on his plan to be flawless. Yigit also helps him in this. Ender wants to fill Halit with Shahika this time. But Shahika doesn’t look like a star. Shahika is much more dangerous and has an eye for anything that can do anything.

Ender reckonation to Sahika
Ender and Shahika come face-to-face. He learns that Ender Şahika killed someone, and he’s hitting him in the face. However, Şahika is making the opposite corner to Ender. He also says he can’t confront Ender by threatening him. He even implies that he could kill Ender before he blinks. And Ender is struck by a blow to the head in the cool waters of the throat. But he doesn’t know who did this.

Yasak Elma Episode 38 Trailer

Yasak Elma Episode 38
Summary: The serie will be updated soon

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