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Yasak Elma All Episodes

The new 45th episode trailer of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) has released!. The confrontation of the big crisis will ignate!

In the last chapter of Yasak Elma; Years ago, Yigit managed to infiltrat the bottom who commissioned his revenge plan to take the pain of abandoning his mother by Ender. In the House of Kaya in the left, Ender in the door of the Sahika herself to meet the effect of cold shower, while Yildiz has established plans to save the marriage again.

Two big dangers waiting for Ender!
The last episode of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) came to the screen tonight on FOX TV. Ender is not even aware of the two dangers that came towards her when she was about to succeed in the plan to finish Yildiz. Ender’s abandoned son is coming to take revenge. Also a noble and beautiful, ambitious and ambitious woman, Şahika welcomes Ender in Kaya’s house. Meanwhile, Zeynep and Alihan are experiencing tension because of Elif. So what else happened in the last episode of Yasak Elma?

In the last 44th chapter; Yildiz is scattered by the decision of the separation of Halit. After Halit, the girls are leaving the house. And Ender goes home and taunts Yildiz while she’s packing her stuff. Meanwhile, Ender’s son Yigit also has a job interview with Kaya. Yigit says he wants to avenge the life that he can’t live. In the cast, Eda Ece, Onur Tuna, Şevval Sam, Sevda Erginci, Kivanc Kasabali, Talat Bulut, including the names of the series. Here is 45th episode trailer and episode summary of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple)

Episode 45 Yasak Elma
Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) Episode 45
What happen in the last episode?
After the shooting of Erim’s father by Yildiz, Halit is view of Yildiz is changing. Now that Ender’s window begins to look, Halit decides to split. Halit, who went home and collected his belongings, says that he does not want to come home to Yıldız so he will remain with his son at Ender. He even says to collect his stuff until he returns home to Yildiz. When Yildiz meets this promise with great astonishment, Halit says he is divorced from Yıldız. Yildiz asks Khaled if she loves him. Halit says she loves her children more.

The end impact to Yildiz

Yildiz who learns that Halit wants to leave is falling apart and doing everything he can to avoid him. Ender is happy to put Halit in his own home. Zehra and Lila are getting their stuff and moving to Ender. They comes while he’s collecting rare things. Yildiz tells Ender that she’s not in the driveway. Ender says he’s gone from the house because he’s going to open up a socialit.

Yigit comes to take revenge

Yigit vengeance begins to activate its plan. Yiğit, who came across Kaya, refers to hiring. When Kaya asked why he wanted this job, Kaya said he wanted to avenge the life he couldn’t live.

Yasak Elma Episode 45 Trailer

Yasak Elma Episode 45
Ender, after many years of encounter with Shahika, is astonished and does not like it, while on the one hand makes a perfect plan to get rid of the star altogether. What nobody takes into account is the arrival of Shahika and this will destroy all balances.

Yıldız, Caner and Zehra, using the union, trying to get Zehra to do what they want, he wants to regain Halit. When he thinks about how to continue Yigit plan, he encounters an offer he doesn’t expect.

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