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Erkenci Kuş All Episodes

The new 42nd episode trailer of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) ha released!. In the last episode; A year later, the sun rises again for Can and Sanem. 

With the contributions of Aziz and Remide, these two sulfur lovers are being brought together. Can wants to stay with Sanem, but Sanem’s inconsistency is forcing him to go once more. He still doesn’t give up his love, and he’s turning his boat around. The only obstacle to these two lovers is not the heartbreak, but Yigit. Aziz Bey is aware of the situation and is making his move to leave Yigit out of the game. Okay,  so what else happened in the last episode of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird)?

The last evening with the last episode of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) that was released on Star TV; Can returns to Sanem once more. Everyone around them is trying to bring them together. Hüma and Yiğit are unable to look at the idea of being together. Yigit finds an opportunity to approach Sanem, but Aziz comes in and drops Yigit’s plans into the water. Meanwhile, Can doesn’t look empty, he’s investigating Yigit incident a year ago. 

Player staff Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, Öznur Sereler, Özlem Tokatlan, Berat Yenilmez, Cihan Ercan and Anil Celik, including the names of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird). Here is 42nd episode trailer and episode summary of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) …..
Episode 42 Erkenci Kuş
Episode 42 Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird): Summary And Trailer

What happen in the last episode?
Can and Sanem are encouning surprises. The people who took care of Can’s father and Remide’s agency are starting to go back to Sanem’s house and everything starts again. Aziz, when he hears that he wants to come near Can, he immediately calls him to the farm. Aziz’s plan is successful, wanting to bring two young sides together. Sanem is not yet able to overcome the problems of her lifeless days, and she treats her very cold. As soon as life moves to go, Ceycey says his father is ill and returns Can immediately. 

Can spends the night with a beard. Sanem’s watching him from afar. Then she goes home. That night, Yiğit is going to visit Sanem. They’re talking about the book with Sanem, and Sanem says that Can’s coming. Yigit wants to take him to New York. Can also listen to them from the outside. He says it’s a Yigit invitation and tells the ballet. Sanem thanks Yigit. But Sanem doesn’t want to go with him. He even says he doesn’t want to get away. After hearing these words, Can returns to his boat. Aziz Bey is waiting for his son there. He says he wants to go to his father. 
Aziz says that Can didn’t disappoint her. Aziz, who stands behind every decision of Can, is not stopping him this time. But there’s something else that’s stopping Can, and that’s his heart. Can goes to Sanem and says it’s beautiful, and he says, “Can I Stay?” When Sanem is silent, she goes by saying ‘”Goodbye”. Sanem runs from behind, because she doesn’t want her heart to go. When she comes to the beach, she sees that she’s away. She watches the man she loves with his tears.

Can is going
He’s staying there by the excuse of his lifeboat being broken. Actually, he’s staying for Sanem, and the words he wrote in Sanem’s book turn him on, but he can’t say it. Sanem’s just upset that he’s back because his boat’s broken. He meets friends on the road, and Sanem freezes again when she sees him. Meanwhile, her friends continue to work for them. They intend to reconcile Sanem and Can.

Yigit’s foot will get out.
Sanem is being elected author of the year. Yigit uses this award to get closer to Sanem. But Yigit is aware of the situation and is considering disabling him. Can also begin to investigate Yigit incident a year ago. Can is sure that Yigit has burned the book, and it’s a masterful plan to reveal his involvement.

Erkenci Kuş Episode 42 Trailer

Erkenci Kuş Episode 42
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