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Yasak Elma All Episodes

40th episode trailer of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) has arrived. The Tension is rising!

The last episode of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) came to the screen last night on FOX TV. Published in the last episode; Zeynep’s escape creates great destruction to Dündar. As sad as his Family has fallen, Dündar doesn’t seem to accept it easily. Meanwhile, Ender’s unsettling behaviour towards Kaya is mobilizing him. He is looking for what Kaya Ender hid from him. On the Other hand, Mustafa goes after Zeynep, Even Yildiz can’t succeed in stopping him. So is 40th episode trailer of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) been released by FOX TV? Here is the 39th of the beloved series Yasak Elma …..

With the last episode; Zeynep-Alihan is getting back. This reunion that makes Everyone happy ends with Dundar. Zeynep wants to redeem herself, but she can’t succeed. On the Other hand, Kaya’s head hangs on Ender’s unsettling and pursuers the truth. In the cast, Eda Ece, Onur Tuna, Şevval Sam, Sevda Erginci, Kivanc Kasabali, Talat Bulut, including the names of Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple). Here is new 40th episode trailer and episode summary ……

What happen in the last episode?
Zeynep is preparing for the wedding, wearing her dress. When All preparations are complete, the arrival of Alihan in the bride room changes everything. He said goodbye to Zeynep in tears, saying that he had found someone who loved him very much and lost him. Zeynep is experiencing a major breakup at the time. At the Wedding, all guests are ready to come and await the groom’s arrival. Dündar enthusiastically comes to Yildiz and says that Zeynep is not around. Yildiz is rushing into the bride’s room. Meanwhile, Zeynep runs a taxi from the road and runs away from her own wedding to the airport. When Yildiz can’t find her brother, she’s shocked. Dündar sees the note that Zeynep left when she worries that Zeynep may have something to do with her. Zeynep wants Dündar to forgive her in the note. Dundar is happy to go to the real love of Zeynep.

yasak elma episode 40
Zeynep give something to Alihan
Dundar is getting in his car like crazy. Dündar said that Zeynep went to Alihan if he was right about this, he would kill them. Halit and Zeynep is angry, but hopes to catch up with Alihan. Meanwhile, they realize That Dündar is not around. He is looking for his men for Halit, Alihan and Zeynep. Zeynep, who thinks that Alihan is gone, while drowning in tears in the face of the man she loves. Alihan hugs Zeynep and blinded by love. Dündar is witnessing these moments. Zeynep and Alihan are having a wonderful evening alone.

Dundar is revenge

Zeynep is escape from the wedding is the most shaken by Dündar. Zeynep wants to redeem herself to Dündar. Dündar asks Zeynep why she did this, and Zeynep is trying to tell him that she thought she could do it. Dündar is very upset about the situation where his parents fell. Dundar is very calm at first. But This silence doesn’t last long. He puts Zeynep in his vehicle and then locks the doors.

Kaya’s head gets confused
The past is back on the agenda between Kaya and Ender. Ender is being very nervous about Kaya. Kaya is trying to figure out the cause of this behavior. Ender’s relationship with Kaya of the period in which she was pregnant, the heads are stirring well.

Yasak Elma Episode 40 Trailer

Yasak Elma Episode 40
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