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Hercai All Episodes

The new 4th episode trailer of Hercai released! The verdict is for Reyyan!

Hercai 3rd episode came to the screen tonight with the Last episode. Posted in 3rd episode. the series is in retaliate for her betrayal of her love for Miran. But as soon as she hears the fire, her mind goes and runs to Reyyan. Gonul goes berserk with Miran not wanting it.

The Sultan tells her daughter her brother was killed by her father. Mother and daughter promise each other. Reyyan is coming home. Reyyan, who faced the accusating of her Grandfather, also learns what happened to Gul. What else happened in the last 3rd episode? Has the new 4th episode trailer been released? Here’s What you wonder about the series.

Hercai series is on the ATV tonight at the 3rd episode came with the screen. The last episode of the Hercai; Reyyan opens her eyes in a place she never knows. The story of Reyyan’s wedding dress is being discussed in the bazaar. Azat and his mother learn that Yaren knows everything from the front. The moment that Gönül has waited for years is coming, but things aren’t going as they predicted. 

Gönül, who asks for the account of Azize, learns about his mother’s past. And He’s sworn to avenge his mother’s death. Meanwhile, Miran learns that there is a fire in the hut where Reyyan is. Meanwhile, Reyyan is coming home. This turn is worse for him than death. Here is 4th episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai Turkish Drama

What happen in the last episode?
Reyyan is being rescued from the burning house. In her Dream, she hears that Miran left her off the cliff and her father rescued her. Miran’s dream is comparing Reyyan and his mother’s vengeance. Meanwhile, Gul Is fighting the survival of the hospital. Her Parents are not leaving her head. Hazar says he can’t reach Reyyan.

Azat wants to account for Reyyan

Azat is hearing about Reyyan in the bazaar. When Yaren is wondering where Reyyan is, Azat is coming home and squeezing into Yaren’s throat. Azat is trying to learn what Yaren knows. Yaren swears on his brother. Azat says he was thrown out on the street with Reyyan’s wedding dress. Yaren says he knows everything. Handan is witnessing the words of ice. Azat cannot believe what Yaren has done. Handan is a big disappointment and he’s beating his daughter. After he slapped his mother, he blames Azat with courage. And Then He says his mother is with Reyyan. …

He overheard all the talkers.. He hears that Reyyan will come back home and that Yaren knows it beforehand. Nasuh hears about the yelling and asks what happened to Azat, but Azat doesn’t tell him anything. Nasuh wants to be angry at Azat. Yaren reveals himself and protects Azat. He says his Brother feels sorry for him. Handan confirms these words.

hercai 4 bolum
Episode 4 Hercai: Turkish Drama

The dream of Gonul are falling
Gonul is preparing for Miran. He’s happy to think it’s the day he’s Been waiting. Miran is coming home for the evening. Azize welcomes his grandson with love. But Miran’s tension is obvious. Gonul of the room welcomes Miran with joy. Miran wants to know what he’s doing in his room. When Miran asks Gönül to leave the room, Gonul wants vengeance taken and this marriage to be true. Miran says you’re not in love with Gonul. When Miran comes out of the room, Gonul loses. He catches his grandson at Aziz, and he is telling him to keep his promises. Miran just walks away saying he promised his mother one thing.

Gonul: “You stole my husband from my bed.”
Gonul is screaming for Azize to keep his promise. He says he’ll die If he doesn’t keep his promise. Aziz gives the gun to Gonul of the gate and tells her to shoot herself. Gonul can’t afford the gun. Azize says, “You will be a woman in the heart and put your husband in the room.” Gonul cries out that he gets Miran out of the rooms the night they get married, and he’s got revenge so he can’t softa her hearts. Aziz is wrapped around the neck of Gonul. The Sultan takes her daughter to the room. The Sultan shows her daughter’s footsteps and is trying to tell Azize not to joke. He Even says he lost a baby because of the beating he ate from her husband. The Sultan says it’s only for Gonul. She tells that Aslanbey stole a son from him and that the Gonul should help him with his vengeance.

Miran runs to Reyyan

Fırat calls Miran and says there’s a fire in the shed and no one will survive. Miran ‘ I knew if he died ‘ saying he runs to Reyyan. Reyyan is having trouble with the old man who saved him. Reyyan says he can’t go home anymore and he’s scared. He hears great rage against Miran, and even if he dies, Reyyan tells him that his pain will not pass. Reyyan is coming home with the support from the old man. Miran is coming back to the ash hut. Gonul is tearing apart looking Inside. Miran, who does not believe that Reyyan will die, is taking action to find him.

Reyyan is slapped

Reyyan is coming in front of the house. Azat catches him at the door and tells him not to go home. Yaren hears the yelling and screams with his mother and his grandfather. When Azat tries to silence his brother, Reyyan comes in and faces his grandfather. Nasuh, he’s asking about Miran. When Reyyan told her that her husband was gone, Nasuh slapped Reyyan saying, “Your husband put you on the door,”. Reyyan learns what happened to Gul at that moment. Nasuh says it was Reyyan’s fault, dragging him in and putting him in. Azat also ran to Hazar and tells about what happened to Reyyan. They’re running home with Hazar. When Reyyan was beaten, Cihan was thinking about their money to sink with Miran.

Reyyan is giving to government
Miran hears that Reyyan is at home and that his family tortures him. Reyyan is moving towards the house, but he sees Hazar with Azat. Reyyan says his father is not his fault. Hazar says he will find Miran to his father and make him pay Reyyan. When Miran listens to them, his grandfather cries out that the punishment for corruption is death. If Miran wants to save Reyyan, he can’t. Handan says they’re marrying Reyyan. His Grandfather gives Reyyan a day’s time. Azat is now judged for Reyyan as he looks at his beloved girl with mercy.

Hercai episode 4 Trailer

Hercai episode 4 

Summary: The serie will be updated on April 4th. Thank You …..

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