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The new 4th episode trailer of Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) has released!

With the last episode that appeared in front of the audience. Selin and Demir find themselves in custody while struggling to become the sole owner of the house. Firuze and Leyla continue to strive to seek a common solution. The series starring  by Furkan Andıç and Aybüke Pusat. So what else happen in the last episode of Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are)?

Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) follow with the likes of those who want to have a joyful time in the summer season. The last 3rd episode was released on FOX TV. In the last chapter, Selin and Demir had a relentless and entertaining experience for the people to own the house. In the series, which attracts attention with its wide cast and its subject, Furkan Andıç and Aybüke Pusat gives a life. Here are the new 4th episode trailer and episode summary of Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) ……

Episode 4 Her Yerde Sen
Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) Episode 4

What happen in the last episode?
Selin and Demir, who went to the police station to complain about the thief, leads to greater problems. Firuze and Leyla establish a new plan to zoom in on Selin and Demir, who cannot share the same house.

When the company is in danger of losing its biggest customer, the iron takes action to solve the situation alone. However, when Selin and the team put their solution plan into practice, things get messy.

In the cast of the romantic comedy genre “Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are)“, Ali Yağcı, Aslıhan Malbora, Ali Gozüşpus, Ali Barkın, Deniz Ray, Cem Cücenoğlu, Aziz Caner Inan, Ayfer Tostorey, Fatih Ozkan and master players Ayse Tunaboylu and Binnur Şerbetçioğlu are included. The promotional music of “SHer Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are)” is the signature of the successful singer, Zeynep Bastık, which is highly appreciated by the social media and the screen heads with its entertaining introducations.

Her Yerde Sen Episode 4 Trailer

Her Yerde Sen Episode 5
The serie will be updated on July 5th. Thank You ……

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