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Erkenci Kuş All Episodes

The new 38th episode trailer of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) released; Great lesson from Sanem and Can to their families!

In the last chapter of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird); Can and Sanem are in great misconception that they did not interfere between them after the marriage proposal. Because parents don’t want to get into a wedding conversation. Neither Menkıbe nor the young lovers who fail to speak with Hüma decide to marry secretly. Parents learn this marriage decision, and they rush the wedding hall. So, what else happened in the last chapter of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird)? …..

Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) new 38th episode trailer was released. In the new episode trailer, Sanem and Can criticized each other in a little bit. In the last episode, Sanem and Can dream of a simple wedding, and their mothers are completely different. That’s why Can and Sanem want their mothers to get their wedding ideas. The neighborhood is creating a venue for the festival. However, neither Hüma nor Menkıbe is willing to speak. They’re forcing Sanem and Can to make a decision. 

Meanwhile, things are moving very fast between Leyla and Emre. Emir say to Leyla: ” Let’s marry” he says. Player staff Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, Öznur Sereler, Özlem Tokatlan, Berat Invincible, Cihan Ercan and Anil Celik, including the names of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird).  Here is 38th episode trailerand episode summary of Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird)
Erkenci Kus ep 38
Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) Episode 38

What happen in the last episode?

Can’s birthday is one more occasion for everyone to gather. This time, the Hüma is trying to humiliate Sanem with her friends, but she is unable to succeed. Ayhan and CeyCey are getting closer to the party and kissing. In that evening, between Leyla and Emre, the love is regetting. Leyla says to  Osman that she is no longer there. Emre welcomes her with a smile on his face. Emre holding Leyla’s hands is acting fast. Sanem gives her gift to Can after the cake. Can likes the book that Sanem prepared for him. Sanem’s surprise gift is being scratched by the surprise of Can. Can is proposing to Sanem.

Unexpected guest

The neighborhood is organizing a feast for spring. Even Humma Is invited to this festival. But as soon as Hüma stepped in the neighborhood, she filtered out from above and said, “Where are we?” Sanem-Huma is very tight. The Feast table includes a name that no one expects. When Menkıba is surprised, Nihat is disappointed.

Can and Sanem are committed to getting married
Sanem and Can want to talk to their parents about marriage, but they can’t make it. Families don’t always hear them. Menkıbe and the Hüma run away from the wedding day at every opportunity, and they leave their mothers alone when the efforts of Sanem and Can are insufficient. But This vase doesn’t take them away from the idea of marriage. They decide to marry without anyone unaware of their families who don’t listen to them. Meanwhile, a suspect in the awkward state of the agents, Hüma moves and CeyCey speaks. Hearing the marriage of Can and Sanem, Hüma immediately goes to Menkıbe. This is the first time they go together to the wedding hall. However there is a big surprise waiting for them.

Erkenci Kuş Episode 38 Trailer

Erkenci Kuş Episode 38
The serie will be updated on April 19th. Thank You …..

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