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Elimi Birakma All Episodes

The new 38th episode trailer of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand) has released!; The big debate between Cenk and Azra was the stamp.

Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand) came to the screen tonight with the last 38th episode. There’s a big crisis between Cenk and Azra. Sumru suspects Mesut’s movements. Kadir-Melis learns the relationship of the Cenk fights. Azra, Cansu, in the hands of the book from Faruk is shocked when he sees and immediately seeks Cenk. So what else happened in the last episode of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand)?

In the last 37th episode of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand); Azra is now losing hope of learning her father’s murderer. Until she found the most important book. Cenk, Arda, learns the relationship of Kadir-Melis. Melis does not abandon Kadir and leaves the house despite the fight between her brother and the man she loves. Arda blames herself for what happened. 

In the cast, Alina Boz, Alp Nevruz, Seray Gozler, Dolunay Soysert, Batuhan Eksi, Cemre Güneli and Burak Tamdoğan, including the names of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand). Here is 38th episode trailer and episode summary of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand).

What happen in the last episode?

The relationship between Kadir and Melis is being learned by family members. Arda, Melis and Kadir’s relationship is causing this to learn. If Melis wants to hide, Kadir does not want to extend further. Kadir says they love each other. The feride is very disappointed. The situation becomes even worse when Zerrin says she knows about this affair. She’s trying to tell Melis that the road she was showing was wrong.
Elii Birakma ep 38
Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand) Episode 38

Azra and Cenk are opening

Azra goes to meet Cenk without telling. Cenk is trying to squeeze Cansu and make her talk. Although Cansu does not want to say at the beginning, Cenk’s insistence on the meeting is pointing to Cenk. Cenk is rushing out. While waiting for Azra, Faruk is knocked out by someone in the head with wood. Azra sees Cenk in the window and is being alarmed. When she think about what to say to Cenk, a gunshot is heard. Azra and Cenk are going to be fine. But Azra’s acting on her own makes Cenk very angry. There’s a big debate between the two. Cenk says they can’t go on like this anymore and they’re away from each other.

Cenk learning the relationship of Melis-Kadir

Feride argues that the situation should be explained to Cenk soon. Serap wants to tell Cenk the right time to come. But Arda and Cenk is open to this relationship. There’s a big fight between Cenk and Kadir. Cenk thinks that Kadir is using Melis. He also says he’s with Melis to get close to him.

The book combining of Azra and Cenk
Azra is losing all hope now. Faruk is giving Cansu a book. Azra is experiencing a great shock when she sees this. She’s calling Cenk right now, talking about the book. Cenk and Azra take action to decode the book’s passwords.

Elimi Bırakma Episode 38 Trailer

Elimi Bırakma Episode 38
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