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Elimi Bırakma All Episodes

The new 37th episode trailer of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand) released!; The Breakup bells are ringing!

The last 36th episode came to the screen last night. Published in the last episode of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand); Between Azra and Cenk, it opens because of Ferhat. Feride Hanım knows that Ferhat is innocent and is doing his best to uncover the truth. Melis is caught by Azra.

While Melis was very frightened, Kadir explained his love to Arda. If Azra thinks she won’t find Ferhat again after giving the money, they’re talking once again. And Azra finds herself in a deserted place to get in trouble. The new 37th episode trailer released. Here’s what happened in the last chapter…

In the last episode of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand); Azra does not stop finding her father’s murderer. Cenk is arrival at the last moment, the whole thing is the bottom of the contact with Ferhat once again. When Zerrin tries to stir up the mess, Feride hangs on the obstacle. Feride, while trying to save the company’s reputation on the other hand, is trying to prove that Ferhat is innocent. Cenk, in spite of all the insides of Azra, is pursuing her and again she needs to help on one side. 

In the cast, Alina Boz, Alp Nevruz, Seray Eyes, Dolunay Soysert, Batuhan Eksi, Cemre Güneli and Burak Tamdoğan, including the names of the series. Here is 37th episode trailer and episode summary of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand) ……

Elimi Bırakma Episode 37
Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let Go of My Hand) Episode 37

What happen in the last episode?
Azra is trying to find money for her father’s murderer. The Only remedy is to sell the jewelry. There’s a Azra fight between Zerrin and Feride. Zerrin is raising the jewelry of Azra to Feride. Feride says that the jewelry belongs to Azra and can sell it. Azra finally compensates for the money and gives Faruk this money. However, the sudden arrival of Cenk is overcoming the whole plan. Faruk can’t say anything to Azra while Cenk for pulling a knife. Faruk is disappearing with money. That night Azra and Cenk open. When the video that caused the scandal was removed from Ferhat’s phone, Cenk’s accusations against Ferhat with betrayal made him angry. Like Feride and Azra, they believes that Ferhat is innocent. Feride tries to uncover this innocence, but she is trying to make things right with the company.

Azra catch Melis with Kadir
The relationship between Melis and Kadir is attached to Arda’s radar. Arda wants to know what is going on Kadir, Melis and love each other and says that they will marry. Arda explores Kadir and does not like what she has learned.

Azra is pursuit of her father’s murderer
Azra is not comfortable without knowing her father’s murderer. She is recommunicating with Ferhat and finds herself in a deserted hut. Cenk also leaves Azra.

Elimi Bırakma Episode 37 Trailer

Elimi Bırakma Episode 37
The serie will be updated on April 20th. Thank You ….

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