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Elimi Bırakma Episodes

Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let go of My Hand) Episode 34. The mysterious letter from Cenk in the new episode trailer!

After the Last 33rd episode of the screen this evening, the new 34th episode trailer was released. Published in the last episode of Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let go of My Hand); Azra is going over her suspicions about Cenk. With the unnecessary intervention of Zerrin, Defne is feeling unfit.

Sumru is kicking Azmi out of the house, but Azmi has no intention of staying under it. He’s making a plan that drives Sumru crazy. Meanwhile, Azra is one step closer to her father’s murderer. A surprise message she received is mobilizing her. The new 34th episode trailer released. Here’s what happened in the last chapter…

Elimi Bırakma Episode 34

In the Last chapter; Although Azra, Serap and Zerrin overheard the dreams of Defne, the priority is Cenkin’s health. Azra, who tries to cope with his concerns about the man he Loves, is shaked by the passage he learns. Zerrin, who takes refuge in the Celes because he is broke, is someone who must face it. The convertions between Melis and Kadir continue. Sumru fires Azmi out of the house, saying that no one can leave him. He’s making a plan that will immediately cross the counter and upset Sumru. Sumru leaves Celen in a very difficult position once again. In the cast, Alina Boz, Alp Nevruz, Seray Eyes, Dolunay Soysert, Batuhan Sour, Cemre Güneli and Burak Tamdoğan, including the names of Elimi Birakma Episode 34.

What happen in the last episode?
Mrs. Zerrin, Defne is a very close to Cenk. She is trying to bring Defne and Cenk closer to the order, which disturbs Cenk. Cenk says he will introduce him to Azra, and he wants him not to mention his illness. Meanwhile, Azra sees Cenk and Defne. He also hears Zerrin and Serap’s speeches. When the Zerrin say how good they are, Serap agrees. While Azra is serving Cenk’s table, Cenk and Defne are coming. Azra, he meets Defne. Azra throws himself out of the way. Remembering Melis’s words, he thinks Cenk is hiding something from him. Azra, who decides to squeeze Defne, wants to know the truth from her.

elimi birakma episode 34
Elimi Bırakma (Don’t Let go of My Hand) Episode 34

Sumru is firing to Azmi

Cansu tells Sumru that Azmi is with her for her own interests. The Two of them will open the tween, said Cansu to her mother to calm down. She Also tells me how happy she is in the life of someone who can love her the way she is. Meanwhile, Burhan is coming. Cansu invites her father to dinner, and if Sumru is a girl, Cansu persuades her. Burhan sits at the dining table and they reminisce about the old days. Cansu is excitedly listening to her parents. At That moment, Azmi appears at the door with flowers. Sumru looks at him in astonishment. They have a chance to talk in person. Sumru say to Azmi, ‘ No one can leave me, only I will get rid of people from my life, ‘ saying the shock. Then She fires Azmi out of the house.

Zerrin at work
Zerrin, Who hides her penniless from Celes, makes plans to break between Cenk and Azra as soon as he comes. Zerrin, who disgracing Defne, tells Serap to save her from Azra. In Addition, Zerrin is in a very difficult position with the advent of an uninvited guest.

Azra: “How could you not tell me such a thing?”
Azra and Cenk attend the marriage celebration party of a friend of Cenk. Defne is there. The party, which is pregnant with Great surprises, is shaked by the fact that Azra learns about Cenk.

Sumru feel crazy about the news

Azmi seeks help from Mesut to avenge Sumru’s revenge after he fired her. Mesut accepts this offer because he fears Azmi. And the plan is ticking. Sumru goes berserk with a story he learns from Mesut and takes his breath across Feride Hanım. Sumru’s reaction, especially Feride, gives the Wreaves a very difficult time.

Azra seek her father’s murderrer

Azra thinks he can find out about his father’s killer with a message from his cell phone. Someone who wants to meet him at the Cemetery promises his father’s murderer. But It is also given to others that Azra’s approach to learning the murderer. Azra is going to the cemetery. At That moment, someone approaches. Cenk’s remote to see this scene, the breaths are held once again

Elimi Bırakma Episode 34 Trailer

Elimi Bırakma Episode 34
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