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3rd episode trailer of Hercai released; Reyyan’s setting herself on fire! 

Hercai 3rd episode trailer released. Reyyan, who is disappointed with Miran after marriage, also burns the house. Miran, who is troubled in His mother’s grave, admits that vengeance does not cool. Hercai in the last 2nd episode; Miran wants Reyyan for revenge. His Wife and mother-in-law share this plan. The moment Azize has waited for years. But There’s one thing they don’t count on, and That Miran is in love with Reyyan. The only one in love with Reyyan is not Miran. Azat is doing everything he can to give up Reyyan’s marriage. She even says she loves Miran to Hazar for the sake of slapping. And what else happened in the last episode? Here’s What you wonder about the series.

In the new 3rd episode trailer of Hercai; Reyyan near Miran’s Mother, explaining that the marriage to revenge is not comforting the interior of the self-burning Reyyan is surprised to know what to do. Reyyan is waiting for a bitter end without any news of her first love and the happiness of marriage. Miran is falling in love with their daughter when she wants to take revenge on the family of Şadoğlu. The wife of the Marriage is going to the wedding of the man she loves with tears. But things are happening in a row. The gun in Azat’s hand is exploding, wanting to stop Reyyan. Here is 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai.

What happen in the last episode?
The daughters of Şadoğlu are entering each other on Miran’s face. In fact, Yaren wants to be with Reyyan and Miran because he is in love with Miran. When Miran wants to marry Reyyan, Yaren goes crazy. Yaren wants to come across the Miran and ask for an account. He says he took away his Love. But Reyyan says Miran has wanted her from the very beginning, and even Yaren has been stirring up a mess. Yaren tells Reyyan that he can never be happy. She Even underlined that they were enemies of life with Reyyan. Reyyan is devastated by the words of Yaren, which she considers as her sister.

hercai episode 3
Hercai Episode 3

Miran is Holding to Reyyan
Miran Aslanbey, a few steps closer to the success of the vengeance against the family of Şadoğlu. The only obstacle to reaching this plan of Miran is that he has feelings for Reyyan. As he spends time with Reyyan, Miran feels different feelings for him.

Gonul’s Wounds
Miran understands that as you connect to Reyyan, you can’t do it without him. He’s telling him That on henna night. Reyyan says that he is now in his life, by burning henna on Miran’s finger. The heart is watching them from afar and their eyes come to Miran in the old way. The heart is going crazy with Miran entering the marriage path. Because of the vow of vengeance of Azize, the heart has to endure. 

The Sultan warns him not to break a pot. Miran’s married wife, Gonul, Miran’s sister, mother-in-law is the role of the Sultan. They want Reyyan from the Shadroads. There is a push between Miran and Gönül, who meets in front of the Mansion. And Reyyan says he forgot something at the time, and he goes to the door. The heart says Miran is afraid of losing Reyyan. It Also tells me that you can’t stand this situation by drowning in tears.

Azize Warns Miran
Azize understands that the son of Reyyan has a weakness for Reyyan. Miran ‘ means confused in the heart of his mind, saying that everything is aware. Miran says they will take their revenge by swearing his mother.

The Words That Rose The Face of Yaren
The Condemnment of Reyyan and Miran’s wedding day is coming. Miran is leaning in front of Reyyan and showing his love and respect for him. The heart celebrates his marriage by wearing jewelry to his wife’s wedding. To relieve the heart of the Sultan’s daughter, Gonul says Miran will put Reyyan in front of the door the next morning. Yaren eavesdropping on all these words.

Azat: “I Love Reyyan”
In love with Reyyan, Azat wants to discourage him from marriage. He says he loves Reyyan, and he wants to marry him. And He says it to the Caspian. The gun in the hands of Azat, who is willing to face the world to avoid damage to Reyyan’s hand, is exploding and causing a great tragedy before he realizes.

Hercai Episode 3 Trailer

My Heart hasn’t cooled my mother, a half is still hot…
Produced by Mia Yapim Banu Akdeniz, ‘The story of an impossible love arising From Vengeance’ the leading role of Hercai, Akin Akınozu, Ebru Sahin, Gülçin Santıoğlu, Serhat Fruluer, Ayda Aksel, Majid Sonkan, Serdar Ozer, Oya Unmaster , Tansu Taşanlar, Ilay Erkok and Eda Started sharing. Producer: Mia Yapim Screenplay: Eda Tezcan; Feraye Şahin

Hercai Episode 3
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