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The new 3rd episode trailer of Canevim (My Life) has released! 

In the last episode that was published on the ATV screen; Özgür Çevik and Biran Damla Yılmaz are the leading roles in the series. One of the new series of summer season, Canevim (My Life) series is already being wondered about the rating adventure. My life is 3. New episode trailer released. Here are some curious details about the series…

Every Monday the series of Canevim (My Life) will face the audience with new episodes in the ATV. Adnan Güler sits in the director’s seat. There is no sacrifice that a loving man cannot do for his family… In the series, The Adventures of the Haksever family are being taken. Those wondering what will happen in the new chapter: Canevim is investigating the answer to the question of whether the new episode trailer is released. Here’s 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Canevim (My Life)

Canevim (My Life) ep 3
Canevim (My Life) Episode 3

What happen in the last episode?
The Haksever family is a family that is connected to each other in a tight bond with all the challenges of life. Günnur and Hamza, their daughters; For the sake of Ceylan, Müjgan and Ayse, they are struggling with life, knowing that even in the darkest moments, they praise each other’s existence. The biggest thing that has changed the destiny of this hot family is that Elvan will return home. The House’s devoted daughter, Ceylan, has loved Omar with a great love. 

Ceylan begins to work at the home of Tanbaylar, a strong and wealthy family. On his first day at work, Ceylan experiences a very unpleasant encounter with Taylan Tanbay, an obsessive and extraordinary man. When Taylan pushes the young girl’s veins, Ceylan humiliates this man in front of everyone who is inaccessible and leaves the job. Now Taylan has an important account to close!

Canevim (My Life) Episode 3 Trailer

Canevim (My Life) Episode 3
The serie will be updated on June 17th. Thank You …..

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