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The new 24th episode trailer of Çarpışma (The Collision) has released! It falls into Cansiz death trap!

Çarpışma (The Collision) series of Thursday evenings, the developments in the new episode have locked viewers per screen. After the end of the thrilling episode, the new 24th episode trailer is curious.

In the last episode of Çarpışma (The Collision); Is Zeynep dead? In the horrific attack on the party in the series, Zeynep stabbed with Cansiz opportunity. Is Zeynep going to die?. So what else happen in the last episode?

Ay Yapim’s Show TV screen, final episode remained. The beloved series 23rd episode was released this evening. The emotional part that Veli shared with Kadir, which he felt, was the fatal plan of inanimate and a stamp on the injured Zeynep. And Zeynep will die? Here is 24th episode trailer and episode summary of Çarpışma (The Collision).

Çarpışma (The Collision) 24
Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 24

What happen in the last episode?
Seeing Kadir’s hesitation to pull the trigger, Veli provils Kadir to kill himself by remining him of his evil. Meanwhile, for Zeynep, time is getting narrove and every second takes him one step closer to death.

Kadir is about to lose control altogether, which opens up a road that can reach Zeynep at the last moment. Cansiz, although he does not tell the location of Zeynep, he agrees to take Kadir to him. They depart quickly and come to Zeynep. Cansiz has prepared a bomb assembly that is so difficult to dispose of, that after Zeynep, Kadir falls into the deathtrap of Cansiz.

The salvation of Kadir and Zeynep now depends entirely on luck and miracles. Veli moves to kill Cansiz, who plans to escape and lies in the ambush. He catches the opportunity he expects, and he’s pouring bullets over him. On the other hand, Cemre goes to prison and confronts Demir. Kerem is again the greatest supporter of Cemre. Veli decides to leave Istanbul and begins to say goodbye to the city. But at a time he never waits, he gets a message from someone he never expected. Blood will Bleed, the lives will burn, and death will steal the door once more.

Çarpışma Episode 24 trailer

Çarpışma Episode 24
Summary: The serie will be updated on May 30th. Thank you ….

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