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Çarpışma All Episodes

The new 23rd episode trailer of Çarpışma (The Collision) has released! Critical moment for Kadir and Zeynep!

In the Çarpışma (The Collision) last 22nd episode; Kadir is deeply shaky by the death of the mother. Cansiz who kidnapped Zeynep gives him 24 hours to get rid of him and says he will be torn apart by calling Kadir and finding the woman he loves in the meantime. Kerem said that Cemre could be kidnapped by going to Kadir. Meanwhile, to fulfill Cansiz promise to Selim, he instructs his men to find and bring Cemre. 

Belma, who witnessed these moments, reports to Kadir where Cemre was brought. Kadir, Veli and Kerem; Cansiz, Zeynep and Cemre is coming to the venue. There is a conflict between them and Cemre is severely injured. So what else happened in the last episode of Çarpışma (The Collision)? Here’s what you wonder about the series…

With the last episode of Çarpışma (The Collision); His mother was killed by Cansiz in front of Asiye’s eyes, and he puts Kadir in a great shock. However, the second shock lives when he learns that Zeynep was kidnapped by Cansiz. Cansiz gives Kadir 24 hours to save Zeynep, and he says that Zeynep will be torn apart if he cannot find him. Looking for Veli, Cansiz tells him to prepare an escape plan, otherwise Zeynep will die. Kerem Kadir is asking for help by saying that Cemre is likely to be kidnapped. He seeks help to track down Demir’s search for Veli. To save Cemre, Kadir, Kerem and Veli have to clash, and in this conflict Cemre is shot, there is little time for Kadir to save Zeynep. Here is 23rd episode trailer and episode summary of Çarpışma (The Collision) …….

Episode 23 Çarpışma
Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 23
What happen in the last episode?
Kadir, Haydar and his team are experiencing a major confrontation between Cansiz and his men. Meanwhile, the Guardian, who secretly follows Kadir, sets up a gun on the roof of a building. He fires his weapon to kill Cansiz, but he manages to escape from this Cansiz death circle.

Kadir learns that he is Cansiz’s father
Kadir, with an important knowledge of intelligence, is tracking two of Cansiz men works with. Kadir and Cansiz together, while establishing games mutually, Kadir finally finds the answer to the big question mark that is messing with your mind. Having learned that he is the father of Cansiz, Kadir is confronted with him again and experiencing a great confrontation between them.

Demir seek revenge!
After the recent events, Demir, who loses everything, asks Meral for help to get revenge on Cemre. But he understands the intentions of Meral Demir and does not come to his game. He tells Kerem about Demir’s offer. The iron has entered an irreversible path, holding the gun at the force of Cemre.

The mother pain of Kadir!
When Kadir thinks he has defeated Cansiz, he comes to the side of Cansiz man’s, Asiye, who has held a gun to his head. Kadir leaves his mother with the requirement not to be touched. He also promises that Veli does not kill Cansiz. However, Cansiz does not keep his promise and kills Asiye in front of Kadir’s eyes. When Kadir is shocked by the death of his mother, he suffers a greater pain.

Zeynep in the Cansiz’s hand
After the death of his mother, a shock will live. Cansiz also kidnapped Zeynep, along with Asiye. Zeynep feels threatened by death in her words.

24 hours for Kadir to find Zeynep
Zeynep is brought to him by Cansiz’s men. Cansiz say to Zeynep, “Now it’s time to make sacrifices for those who love you. You have 24 hours. If you die, which one lives. So let’s find out which one loves you more. “ Meanwhile, Cansiz calls Kadir. He says he has 24 hours to save Zeynep, and if he doesn’t find Zeynep during that time, he’ll be torn apart. Then he said to Kadir, “history is filled with fathers and sons ‘ hatred. Let’s see which one of us will win, Yusuf.

Çarpışma Episode 23 Trailer

Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 23
The serie will be updated on May 23rd. Thank you …..

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