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Çarpışma All Episodes

The new 22nd episode trailer of Çarpışma (The Collision) has released! The Deadly reckoning begins!

Çarpışma (The Collision) came to the screen tonight with the last 21st episode; Kadir and Cansiz once again faced and the conflict begins. Veli, who secretly follows Kadir, is preparing to go up the roof of a building and kill Cansiz. There are mutual traps between Kadir and Cansiz. Kadir takes action to find out if he is the real father of Cansiz. Zeynep explains to Asiye that he wants to marry Kadir. When Zeynep plans a surprise dinner with Kadir, the unexpected move comes from Kadir. Demir is asking for help from Meral, who lost everything because of Cemre. So what else happen inthe last episode of Çarpışma (The Collision).

Çarpışma (The Collision) is on Show TV tonight at the 21st episode; Following the conflict remotely, Veli prepares his weapon to kill the lifeless, proving once again how cunning he is, and rescues himself from the circle of Fire. Zeynep say to Asiye; “I will tell him that his father is Cansiz,” . Explaining that she wanted to marry Kadir. Cemre encounters Orhan in her mother’s diary and is deeply shaked by what she hears. Meral, while asking Demir to bring Cemre to her, Cansiz is wrapped in the throat of Asiye. Now there is a brutal and deadly reckoning between Kadir and Cansiz. Here is 22nd episode trailer and episode summary of Çarpışma (The Collision) ….

Çarpışma ep 22
Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 22
What happen in the last episode?
Veli didn’t say that Zarif is Cansiz

While the reckoning between Kadir and Zarif, Kadir asks Veli whether Zarif is Cansiz. Veli also tells lies Zarif is not Cansiz. At this stressful moment, the eye of Zeynep, who does not want Kadir to be a father murderer, is in Veli. Veli’s answer makes him very comforty. However, Kadir did not release Zarif, who did not rely on Veli’s word. Kadir brought Zarif to a warehouse and held him there. To find out the true identity of Zarif, Kadir first questioned Asiye’s deputy Bahar and confrontens her with Asiye. But Asiye, who wants to protect her son and Bahar, who is threatened by Cansiz death, lies to Kadir. Kadir, who cannot find the answers she seeks, saves Ahmet from the hands of Cansiz’s men. Haydar will interrogate Ahmet with the director. Ahmet says he has not heard of Cansiz’s name, but says that the person in the photograph that Kadir showed is the one who is Zarif. Kadir understands that Zarif is really Cansiz.

Zeynep told Haydar the truth
Zeynep goes to Haydar, the person that Veli pointed out as the last resort to prevent Kadir from killing Cansiz. Zeynep tells Haydar all the facts. Haydar is shocked to learn that Cansiz is the father of Kadir.

A Heavy blow to Belma and Demir
Veli gives Belma and Demir’s video of betrayal to Zeynep. Then Zeynep gives this video to Cemre that she wants to learn the truth. She is against Belma and Demir, who attended her father’s funeral. Cemre shows the document of her betrayal to her father Selim. Belma and Demir, who understands that they cannot take a share of Selim’s heritage, live in great shock. Cemre decrees the second big blow to Demir and says that he petitioned the the bar to be banned from the profession.

Kadir faced with Cansiz

Knowing that Zarif is Cansiz, Kadir is furious. The plan of the director of Heydar, who wants to block Kadir, is Cansiz. In the face of the human wall consisting of police friends, Kadir, the last move to remove the gun from the waist and hold it towards the head. He threatens to kill himself if they don’t let him go. Knowing Kadir very well, Haydar desperately lets him go. Kadir quickly set sail towards the warehouse where inanimate is held. Haydar and his team will follow him. He learns that Kadir has come to the warehouse with the police, and he realizes that Kadir has learned the truth. While inanimate’s men get him out of the warehouse, Kadir comes to the warehouse. He is lifeless and his men face Kadir.

Cansiz once again

Meanwhile, Haydar manager and police have reached the warehouse. It’s a clash between Kadir and the lifeless. The Guardian follows the conflict from the roof of a building and handles the right moment to kill Cansiz. However, using Cansiz cunning once again, he manages to survive and escapes from this circle of fire.

Çarpışma Episode 22 Trailer

Çarpışma Episode 22
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