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Kuzgun (The Raven)’s new 20th episode trailer has been released! In chapter 20, Dila will learn the shocking truth. Watch the trailer here …..
Star TV screens, Kuzgun (The Raven), will be in front of the audience on Wednesday evening with a new episode. In the 20 episodes of Kuzgun (The Raven), When Dila and Ferman remember the past frequently, Ferman’s promise to Dila will arouse curiosity. The shocking truth dila will learn will mark the new chapter. So, what else will happen in the new episode of Kuzgun (The Raven)? Here’s Kuzgun (The Raven)‘s new episode trailer and the 20th episode. those who are curious about the department.

Kuzgun (The Raven), starring Burcu Biricik and Baris Arduç, will be celebrating its 20th day on Wednesday (October 9th). will come to the screens with the episode. After last week’s events in the series, fans of the show began to wonder what would happen this week. Here’s Kuzgun (The Raven)‘s 20th episode short summary and trailer ….

Episode 20 Kuzgun
Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 20

Ferman who sees Gunes and Kuzgun goes mad!
Kuzgun was discarded due to low ratings. The series, which is just beginning its second season on the Star TV screen, is in its 21st season due to its low ratings. he’s going to say goodbye by making the final with the episode.

The series, starring Burcu Birici, Baris Arduç and Onur Saylak, was released as the 20th episode of the series. the episode will be screened on Wednesday, October 9th. In the episode before the series finale, there will be an Ferman showdown with Kuzgun. Gunes and Dila will witness this showdown.

In the 20th episode trailer, Ferman serenades, saying, “Since when are the most important women in my life lying to me.” Gunes declares its love for Kuzgun. Dila warns Gunes and say, “As long as you continue this nonsense, you will bring the battle between your brother and raven to a point that will never end.” The show’s followers are on the 21st century. his discomfort with the episode’s finale is demonstrated by his comments on social media. Kuzgun (The Raven) fans commented that they did not want the show to end.

Kuzgun Episode 20 Trailer

Kuzgun Episode 20
Summary: The shocking truth Dila will learn will take their breath away

Ferman, who sees the Sun together with Kuzgun, goes mad with anger. Dila is forced to fight with her feelings about Kuzgun, which she buried deep in her heart as she tries to contain it. Ferman, who thinks that Kuzgun is with the Sun in return for attracting Ferman to his side, will start making moves against Kuzgun. Kuzgun and Cihan will go after those who raided Kuzgun’s place on an important vulnerability given by Ferman. 
Meryem, who did not miss the shock of joy’s stories, will find herself facing Ferman in an unexpected moment. Shermin will not shy away from using the truth he learned about Seda as leverage to reach Ferman. In the episode where the great secret of Firat will come to the screens, Kuzgun will do her best to make Dila see ferman’s true face. While Ferman’s promise to Dila is eagerly awaited when Dila and Ferman remember the past, the shocking truth dila will learn in the episode finale will take their breath away.

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