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Zalim İstanbul All Episodes

The new 2nd episode trailer of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) released!. Seher is furious when she hears the deal between her mother-in-law Neriman and Agah!

Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) began broadcasting on Kanal D screens. Famous actors, Fikret Kuskan, Deniz Uğur and Mine Tugay are among the leading roles of the Series 2nd episode. The new 2nd episode trailer released. And what happened in the first part of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul)? Here are the details about the series …

Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) series will be aired on Kanal D screens with new episodes every Monday evening. In the first part of the Series, Seher and her family emigrate from Hatay to Istanbul. They are unaware of their future in the Karacay mansion. Here is 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) …..

What happen in the last episode?

Seher is a proud and somewhat conservative, full-on Anatolian woman. In Seher’s eyes, all three of her sons are in diamonds. So much so that she talks about her only children, and She says, “I kneaded the dough with my hands in the earth! No wrong, sin, unbelievable my sons,”
zalim istanbul 2 bolum
Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) Episode 2

From the giants of the Logistics sector, Agah Karaçay is seeking a “bride” from his hometown to his nephew, who was sentenced to wheelchairs for his childhood accident. The Proposal reaches the home of the heirloom, the grandmother Neriman. Neriman, who knows that Seher will not accept such an offer, because she also persuaded her little grandson to embark on a master trickster.

The other side of the strong, glorious and colourful life that appears from the outside of the Larghis contains dangerous secrets. In the Karacay mansion, which he stepped up with the Seher family, he feared the most; Children, ambition, money to be tested, what happened, will shake the foundations of the two families, will dislodge the stones in their lives.

Zalim İstanbul Episode 2 Trailer 

Zalim İstanbul Episode 2
When Seher hears the word for sale, she’s shot in the head with an envelope in her hand. When Agah Bey is surprised by what happened, Seher has entered the bottom of the ground against Ceren’s ambition. She’s determined to pack up her sons and things, and she is divided into a thousand pieces on a bus that fits her children with the age of fire in her heart.

Agah, in case of confession against Nedim, suddenly excited by the words from Nedim’s mouth, the intruders at the door of the Karacay mansion leave Seher’s ropes in Agah’s hands.

The 2nd episode of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) is on Kanal D on Monday evening, April 8th at 08 PM!

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