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Hercai 2nd Episode

The new 2nd episode trailer has arrived!. In the first episode of the Series; Miran Aslanbey offers more than a partnership with Nasuh Şadoğlu: his grandson wants Reyyan. However, there are different plans for Miran, where the most powerful family of the region.

Hercai 1st episode came to the screen this evening with the first part. Published in the first chapter; Nasuh who comes to take revenge on Midyat finds himself in a love that he never expects. The heart of Nasuh, who met Reyyan, will now throw another. Reyyan is now the savior of his dreams. The love that Nasuh wants to marry her is even more flammable. But Reyyan’s grandfather has other plans for Nasuh. So What else happened in the first part of Hercai? Hercai 2nd episode trailer released. Here’s What you wonder about the series.

The Hercai series is on the ATV last night at 1st episode who came with the screen. In the first episode of the Hercai; Nasuh, who gave his Mother a vengeance spokesman, wants Reyyan from the Şadoğlu family. Reyyan, at the beginning of the vicious act of Nasuh, the heart of the time begins to throw with him. Miran has another plan against Nasuh, who wants Reyyan. Miran wants to give Nasuh his grandson, but this is not Reyyan grandson, it’s Yaren. Here is the new 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Hercai  ..

Who is playing in the Hercai series and what about the plot story? Here is The synopsis and cast of Hercai series

What happen in the last episode?
Nasuh, an Istanbullu businessman, is coming to Midyat. He meets Reyyan, which fascinates with her Natural beauty. The only heir to the future of the Miran Aslanbeys is Reyyan, the grandson of His enemy Şadoğlu family. Nasuh, who came to take revenge on Midyat, sits on the partnership table with Miran Aslanbey. But Nasuh wants a partnership with Reyyan from Miran. Between Reyyan and Nasuh, Love begins in their first greeting. Reyyan, an independent girl, is passionately in love with the son of Aslanbey family, the greatest adversaries.

Hercai 2 bolum
Hercai Turkish Serie Episode 2

Nasuh promises to his mother

Nasuh promises to His mother that he will finish the Shadsons. She wants Him to take his profits out of it. The mother of the Aslanbey family, Azize, is full of endless vengeance against the family of Şadoğlu. A Very compassionate woman, the Azize is not showing the same compassion when it comes to Şadoğulları.

Miran’s plan is completely different
Miran has another plan against Nasuh who wants Reyyan. The father of her daughter, Nasuh Agha, a man of hard and ruthless. Miran wants to give Nasuh his other grandson, Yaren, not Reyyan. Meanwhile, Nasuh is trying to convince Reyyan of this marriage. Two young people are experiencing passionate moments and rapes.

Hercai Episode 2 Trailer

Hercai Episode 2
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