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The new 2nd episode trailer of Afili Aşk (Affectionate) has released!

Ayse (Burcu Özberk) and Kerem (Çağlar Ertuğrul) paths after the intersection of the subject of Afili Aşk (Affectionate) Series Screen adventure started on Kanal D. The new 2nd episode trailer has released. Here’s 2nd episode trailer and episode summary …..

Will Kerem be able to steal Ayse’s heart? What does the duo expect from now on? The first episode of Afili Love began in Kanal D. Summer Series “Afili Aşk (Affectionate)” starring Burcu Özberk and Çağlar Ertuğrul, while the production of ARC Film, produced by Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu, and directed by Serdar Gözelekli.

Episode 2 Afili Aşk
Episode 2 Afili Aşk (Affectionate): Summary And Trailer

What happen in the last episode?
After realizing the purpose of Ayse, Kerem, the opposite attacks, this time he is not staying back. He’s applying a different way to discourage ayse from marriage. And how will Ayse take the action against Kerem’s moves? Muhsin Bey, Kerem and Ayse takes the first step to marry, but things are not going as planned… What awaits Kerem and Ayse after this? How will there be an interaction between the two?

Afili Aşk Episode 2 Trailer
Muhsin is going to ask for Kerem, and things are getting really messy! An unexpected move is coming from Kerem who noticed Ayse’s game! In the new 2nd episode trailer of Afili Aşk (Affectionate), the events between Ayşe and Kerem are changing direction at once! Kerem, Ayse are surprised by the marriage move.

Afili Aşk Episode 2
The series will be updated on June 19th. Thank You …..

Afili Aşk (Affectionate) Episode 2 will be aired on Kanal D on Wednesday, June 19th, at 08 PM.
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