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The new 19th episode of Çarpışma (The Collision) has released! “I’ll kill you with bullets and bury you in the ground!” 

In the last 18th episode of Çarpışma (The Collision) that came to the screen tonight with the last part. Published in the last section; Cemre is experiencing great shock due to his father Selim’s suicide in front of his eyes. Kerem-Cemre is trying to support these painful days. Kadir is learning from Haydar that Ivan is coming to kill him and Veli.

When Cansiz realized that Ivan was after Kadir, he said to be careful by calling Kadir with his elegant identity. When he ordered the first attack for Veli, which was followed by Ivan, Kadir and Çetin also find themselves in the midst of a conflict. Çarpışma (The Collision) 19th episode trailer/preview scene released. Here’s what you wonder about the series…

Çarpışma (The Collision) is on TV last night at the 18th episode; he appeared in front of the audience. Kadir is learning that he is after Ivan for revenge. Heydar  warn to Kadir that Ivan is a dangerous person, while Cansiz also draws attention in the face of the danger he faces by calling Kadir with his elegant identity. When Zeynep was taken into custody on charges of embezzing money, Kadir is taking action to prove his innocence. Kadir wants to take advantage of Veli’s weakness to save Zeynep, while Cemre is trying to reach the documents that will save Zeynep through Demir. There is also Cansiz this time in the plan of attack by Ivan. The new 19th episode is released. Here is 19th episode trailer and episode summary of Çarpışma (The Collision).

What happen in the last episode?
Selim is shot Kadir, while lying on the ground comes to Cansiz. He was relieved when he saw that he had a steel vest on Kadir. Meanwhile, Haydar and his team come to the scene. Rapidly hospitalized Kadir is taken to surgery. The bullet in his back is removed. Kadir, who is not life-threatening, gets up soon.
Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 19 Trailer
Veli and Selim are now the enemy of Cansiz
Cansiz instructs his men to capture Veli and Selim, who learns that he is the son of Kadir. He manages to get rid of the people of Cansiz, who have stepped up the offices of Veli and Selim. Veli and Selim are now the enemy of Cansiz.

Asiye tells the truth
Cansiz comes to the hospital where Kadir lies. With the fact that Zeynep is his son, Cansiz will put a knife to the throat of Asiye and ask if he is the son of Kadir. The Asiye will have to tell Cansiz the truth. Meanwhile, Veli arrives at the hospital. Cansiz comes to the side of Veli Kadir’s room. The tension between the parent and Cansiz reaches the stage. They challenge each other. Zeynep, Asiye and Kadir will learn Cansiz of the big panic lives.

Great shock to Zeynep!
The police knocking on the door on Zeynep house to embezzling money to be detained in the crime of being arrested is shocked. Kerem and Cemre are getting closer together, while Meral is being attacked by Yakup.

Cansiz threatens Selim’s daughter
Selim, who learns the betrayal of Belma and Demir, shoots Belma. While Selim thinks that Belma is dead, the pressure is increasing. Selim wants him to save her from Cansiz. Selim, who threatens to tell the truth of Cansiz to Kadir, is threatened with the life of his daughter Cemre, a great shock. Selim wants Cansiz for his daughter’s life. Selim is aware that he is trapped. He goes to the tomb of his murdered wife. In the meantime, Cemre comes. Kerem, who secretly follows Cemrre, comes to their side.

Selim is committing suicide
Selim is pointing his gun at Kerem. Meanwhile, Kadir, who is behind him, tells Selim to surrender. Selim puts his gun to his head and puts an end to his life for Cemre to live. Cansiz, Veli said that the Russian Ivan confiscated his money will come to the reckoning with him. Ivan is coming to avenge not only from Veli, but also from Kadir.

Cansiz and Haydar give warning to Kadir
Haydar tells the director of Ivan, who came to take revenge on Kadir. When Kadir asks who he is, he says, “executioner.” The question of Kaidr’s “who was subpoauded” is your subpoar. This man has come to execute you, “he warns him to be very careful. Meanwhile, Cansiz learns that Ivan is after Kadir, other than Veli. He warns about Ivan by calling Kadir with his elegant identity. He says to Kadir, “if the Russians come to take someone, they won’t come back without them.”

Kadir’s support to Zeynep

Zeynep has been detained by the accuser of embezzing money and lives a great shock. Kadir goes to see Zeynep. He’ll get you out of here. No matter what anyone says, you’ll get out of here. When he leaves Zeynep, he burns his words: ” Don’t forget Aylin “. He hued Zeynep.

Çarpışma Episode 19 Trailer
“I’ll kill you with bullets and bury you in the ground!” 

Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 19
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