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18th episode trailer of Çarpışma (The Collision) released!. “I have the identity of the person who slaughtered your Family!”

Çarpışma (The Collision) last 17th episode came to the screen last night. Published in the last chapter; Kadir, who was shot by Selim, is lying on the ground. Meanwhile, he learned from Zeynep that he was the son of Kadir, and he begged him not to die. The Hospitalized Kadir is taken to surgery. Zeynep, Asiye, Haydar and others are waiting for the good news to come. To eliminate the doubts in Cansiz, he put the razor on Asiye’s throat and asks if Kadir is the son of Yusuf.

Veli, who came to the Hospital, learns that Zeynep explains the truth to Cansiz. Selim is pointing his gun at Belma, where he learns he’s cheating, and he presses the trigger. Kerem and Cemre, who came out of Prison, are renearing love. So what else happened in the last episode of Çarpışma (The Collision)? The new 18th episode trailer released. Here’s What you wonder about the series…

In the last 17th episode of Çarpışma (The Collision); Selim is severely injured by the bullets of Kadir is being hospitalized in a fast time. Cansiz is looking for Veli, and he says he knows who sent Selim there. He asks Asiye whether Kadir is Yusuf, the son of Cansiz. Selim, who shoots Kadir, knows what to do. He asks Veli who Yusuf is. Selim is firing his gun after seeing the video Belma cheated on with Demir.

Zeynep is shocked to hear from the cops knocking on the door. Unaware of the game played by Veli, Cansiz makes him a big surprise. Here is 18th episode trailer and episode summary of Çarpışma (The Collision) ….

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Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 18: Summary And Trailer

What happen in the last episode?
Kadir, Selim, they ask for one by one. In the meantime, Cansiz calls Kadir, and says: “You’re looking for me?” Kadir answer he is very close to finding him. Cansiz gives Kadir 48 hours to find himself, and then threatens to say, “If you can’t locate me in 48 hours, I will kill you.” Realizing that Cansiz is watching him, Kadir is crazy. While leaving the table, Kadir gives Selim 48 hours to fulfill what he wants.

Veli is cornering Belma
Meanwhile, Veli tells Belma that he knows why she wants that video. He says she can’t take one penny from Selim if he doesn’t get the Video, and if she’s divorced, she can’t touch her money. And Then, if she takes the video and destroys it, Belma asks if he can give her the video. Veli says that he will not give the video for his own benefit. Shows the video to Selim. Selim is surprised at what he sees in the face.

Cansiz give 48 hour to Veli
Veli, Cansiz and Kadir, giving great pain, while vowing to avenge Adam’s death, to find Cansiz tape to bring to Veli in 48 hours. Kadir and Cemre, on the Other hand, work with the powers to remove Kerem from prison. Zeynep and Serpil support them from another arm. One of the ways that will liberally Kerem is Yakup, someone who is a person to Meral, and Omer to the other.

Kadir learns a new name
Kerem in Prison is in a difficult state. In Prison, the death traps established by Veli and Selim began to process. He’ll be Attacked. Kadir reaches Veli. He asks Him, “You killed Adam, didn’t you?” Veli says he didn’t kill him, but he can’t convince Kadir. After Cansiz…, Kadir learns a new name from Zarif that will lead him to Cansiz. Kadir, who is unaware that This is a new ambush of Cansiz, wants Cevdet to take himself to Cansiz’s place. Cevdet’s description of a port of Kadir, Cevdet’s mouth to avoid the work of taping and putting in the trunk. When he sees one of the Kadir men who are wary of the containers to find Cansiz, he hides immediately. He is secretly watching Kadir, who has downloaded the Men one by one.

Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 18 Trailer

Zeynep explain who is Kadir
As a last resort, Zeynep, who is ready to do anything to have nothing to do with Kadir, calls Cansiz to the phone. In the End, she can’t resist, and she is begging Cansiz to not do anything to Kadir. “Tell me something not to kill Kadir,” he says. When Zeynep says “Kadir is your son,” Cansiz is miserable. Meanwhile, Cansiz screams to Selim, who is about to shoot Kadir. Selim shot Kadir. Cansiz say: “Yusuf” runs to Kadir.

Cansiz: “Do Not Die…!”
It comes to the head of Kadir, who lies on the ground of Cansiz. He bees to die for Kadir. Zeynep, who goes to the hospital with the Injured, is devastated. They can’t control Their Tears. Holding the hands of Kadir in Sleep, “How I will love you when I am so frightened. Every Day, you go through the fear of losing, ” he said, expressing his fears, his worries and his love for him.

Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 18
Summary: Cemre is still under the influence of shock. Kerem will not leave her alone for a moment in these difficult days. Haydar has an intelligence report on Ivan. Haydar tells Kadir that Ivan has come to kill both him and Veli, tells him how to be a villain and warns him to be very careful.  Knowing that Ivan is only pursuing Veli, Cansiz, Kadir is also on the target, he seeks Kadir with his elegant identity and draws attention to the danger he faces. Kadir and Veli, who followed the men step by step, gives the first attack order for Veli. Kadir and Çetin then fall into the middle of a bloody ambush.

Kadir, on the other hand, takes action to achieve evidence that proves the innocence of Zeynep being detained. One of the keys that will open the door of freedom to Zeynep is the hand of Demir’s other parent. The weakness of Demir is money, parent’s murdered family. Kadir tries to reach the documents that will save Zeynep through the soft belly of Veli, Cemre de Demir. Yakup sends the photo of Meral to Kerem. Kerem and Jacob will face the death once again. Ivan will do another brutal assault plan. This time in the business there is also lifeless. As well as Kadir, who suffered a great betrayal, Zeynep, Cemre and Kerem will also be on the way to death. 

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