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The new 17th episode trailer of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) has released!

In the last episode of the Vuslat; Aziz is entering prison. Aziz’s life is safe and secure, which meets the decision of the arrest in a great calm. While facing Tahsin’s past, he is trying to deal with threats to his family. Kerem is unaware of Aziz and confronting his own reality. Feride is making a great effort to save him with the arrest of Aziz. So what else happened in the last episode of Vuslat…

Posted in the last episode of Vuslat; While Aziz make a decision that will fundamentalized his life, the secrets he has not learned in prison continue to emerge. Feride is beginning to remember memories of the past with her great shock. Aziz entry into prison, while deeply shaking him, understands that destiny cannot be avoided. He is willing to pay for his wrath, while his life is at stake. Here is 17th episode trailer and episode summary of Vuslat …..

What happen in the last episode?
Sultan asks Jale to ask for Aneta. Meanwhile, Aziz is dinner with Feride. Aziz asks Feride why he’s mad at her. “I get angry when I don’t understand what’s happening”, Feride answers. Aziz, “I thought you chose to believe me. And I promised I wouldn’t shoot you in that belief. Don’t do that anymore. ” Feride has no response to these words.

Nothing happen without Abdullah
Kerem is looking for Aneta’s home address. In the meantime, Meczup Abdullah comes out. By stopping Abdullah, he says, “You’re not the crazy uncle I saw in front of that conglomerates.” Abdullah says, “nothing happens when two are not.” He says he doesn’t understand what he’s saying. Abdullah repeats the same words. Kerem won’t know anything again. Abdullah remembers the address as he walks away. He throws his hand on his shoulder saying he has an address, and he asks, “Are you going to help me?”

vuslat 17 bolum
Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) Episode 17

Aziz give necklace to Feride

Aziz says, “It’s time to give it back to the owner” by removing the Brog from his pocket. Feride is very surprised and asks why. Azize tells Feride that he reminded him of what he did. When Feride said what I did, he said he was shot for him, he almost died for him. Then Aziz pulls out a box from his pocket. Feride asks him what happened. Aziz opens the box. There’s a necklace in the box. He’ll pass it to Feride, and he’ll wear the necklace around her neck. Aziz would thank you.

Tahsin enters Sultan’s room. He asks when his friends are gone. The Sultan says she had a lot of fun with her friends and went out in the afternoon. And then when you say one person is left, Tahsin asks who he is. Meanwhile, Aneta enters the room with the help of the maid. The Sultan introduces him to his father by saying “Aunt Aneta.” When Tahsin and Gönül see him, he has a great shock. With this shock, Tahsin suddenly has a concussion. He doesn’t know what to say.

Kerem finds the home of Aneta
Kerem finally finds the house at the address and knocks on the door. In the meantime, Ceylan sees  Kerem, who is going through it. She asks him what he’s doing here. Kerem asks who lives here. Ceylan and Aneta sits in their own home when her mind is gone, even when Kerem’s homes come to see her. After the story of Ceylan, Kerem remembers what he lived that night. Kerem’s mouth “Someone does not want me to reach these” words are poured.

Aziz Surrenders
Aziz and Feride come before the dark. Altan expects them. He gives Aziz Altan something he says is important. Then he tells him to take Feride home. Aziz and Altan hug each other. Meanwhile, Yalcin appears at the door. When Feride moves towards Aziz, Aziz stops him and says, “Let me go alone.” He walks into the police station. After Yalcin comes back and smiles at Feride and then enters the police station. He’s put all his belongings into the police custody.

Aziz: “You put me here.”
Feride comes to see Aziz in jail. This is the case of Aziz’s very liking to Feride, “the separation has not been an hour. Feride says: ” Then I shall go,“. Aziz answer: ” Do not go “. Feride shed tears saying that the bars created a very long separation sensation in man . Aziz’s words “You put me here” are deeply shaken by Feride.

Vuslat episode 17 Trailer

Vuslat episode 17
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