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The new 17th episode trailer of Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows) has released! “You have another son, Ali!”

Atv’s most watched series, Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows) met with the audience this evening. Starring Keremcem and Ozgur Kaya, the series again managed to lock its viewers in the screen. The introduction of the popular production Nobody Knows the new episode has been investigated by citizens. Well, has the new 17th episode trailer been released? Here are datail ….!

The new 17th episode trailer was broadcast by the channel of the series. The phenomenal series of ATV screens Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows) was on the screens tonight with a new episode. viewers again gave exciting moments to the next episode of the series began to be investigated. Well, no one knows the 17th century. Here is 17th episode trailer and episode summary of Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows).

kimse bilmez ep 17
Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows) Episode 17

What happen in the last episode?

Ali is facing his past!Ali comes face to face with his past when he least expects it. His ex-wife Ozlem came up with a secret picture behind him. What was hidden years before Ali is now right in front of it. Sevda, who meets Ozlem, is also happy to learn that Ali’s son is alive while facing the emotions in her. Pilot wants to put everything behind him, but it’s not going to be that easy. Duygu has to make a choice between his father and pilot. Ilhan, who learns that pilot is a mobster, opposes this relationship to take his daughter away from him. Sevda, on the other hand, wants to keep the man she loves out of danger, pulls the trigger and shoots Uygar.

Kimse Bilmez Episode 17 Trailer

Kimse Bilmez Episode 17
The serie will be updated on October 13rd. Thank You …..

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