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17th episode of Çarpışma (The Collision) released!; Kadir is on Cansiz’s neck!

Çarpışma (The Collision) on Show TV at 16th episode last night. With the last chapter; With the evidence Kadir put in front of Selim, he realizes that Cansiz is watching him, while he ranks the individual he wants. While giving Selim 48 hours, the same time Cansiz gives it to him and says he will die if he finds it. Veli is sworn to avenge the death of Adam, who died because of him, Cansiz and Kadir, after Kadir learns a new name from Zarif to lead him to Cansiz. Meanwhile, Cemre and Kadir are working with forces to save Kerem from prison. However, Kerem’s prison has no idea of Selim and Veli’s death trap. Okay,has the new 17th episode trailer arrived? You can read the latest episode summary from our news of Çarpışma (The Collision)..

Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 16 came to the screen tonight with the last part. Published in the last section; Who understands that Cansiz is watching him. Selim gives him two days to make his wishes, but Cansiz also gives Kadir the same time to find him, otherwise he says he will kill him. Veli swears to ask Kadir and Cansiz to avenge Adem. Cansiz wants Veli to bring the tape. Kadir collaborates with Cemre to remove Kerem from prison. Meanwhile, Zeynep and Serpil support them. For Kerem, survival in prison is becoming increasingly difficult. So What else happened in the last episode of Çarpışma (The Collision)? Here is what you wonder about the series…

What happen in the last episode?
Cemre, together with Yakup, who founded the caliper, slap Demir, says it ends. Cemre would be shocked to say that Demir’s father, who said he would go to prison, will take Selim with him. He wants Cemre to move by thinking of them.

Episode 17 Çarpışma
Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 17

48 hours of Cansiz give Kadir the deadline.
Selim advocates that the evidence and accusations that have been revealed will have no validity before the court. However, he would be shocked by the words of Cemre to prove his actions. Kadir orders one by one from Selim. Meanwhile, Kadir’s phone rings. The voice on the phone says, “You’re looking for me?” Kadir understands that the caller is Cansiz. Cansiz gives him 48 hours of respite and asks him to find him. Then He says he’ll kill him if he doesn’t find it.

Veli kills Adem

Selim asks Veli to let Kerem die in prison. Veli accepts the offer, saying it might be possible. Meanwhile, he learned That Inanimate Kadir had seized the money with the operation. Cansiz wants to know where the tape is while asking for an account from Kadir and Adam. His parents and Adam say they don’t know. However, it displays images on Cansiz computer. The Footage shows clearly how Adam took the tape. Cansiz again asks where the tape is. Pass a pistol to Veli. Veli extends the weapon to Adam’s head. Adam looks at Veli with a pleading gaze. Cansiz calls Veli and then fires the Parent gun. Then Cansiz goes to Veli and saying, “Where do you find the tape now?”

Impact on impact to Selim

When Kadir meets with Selim, he queries him about his black money Trat. It extends to the front of the file with the information that Selim reached through Zeynep. After examining Selim’s file, “Are you going to scare me with this?” He says the continuation of Kadir. And his wife throws a file in front of Selim. The final and greatest blow to Selim, who is firmly cornered by the evidence of the Murdered doctor, comes from Cemre. When Cemre asked how her mother died, Selim had nowhere left to run.

Oath of vengeance from Veli
Realizing that Cansiz is watching him, Kadir said that he had 48 hours, sticking to Selim’s collar. Veli vows revenge on Adam’s body, saying that he will make the pain that they do not taste to both Cansiz and Kadir.

Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 17 Trailer

Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 17
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