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The new 16th episode of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) has released!; Aziz is entering the prison!

In the last episode of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved); Faik tells the story of the necklace to Feride, and he says who is in the necklace. While the other person who owns the necklace is found, Aziz and Tahsin learns about the shocking information of Kerem’s grandfather.

Aziz is asking questions about what happened to Abdullah. Kerem takes action to find his mother. While Madame Aneta is facing the korkmazers, Kerem asks Aneta to Ceylan. Salih Baba say to Aziz: “Go back to charity,”. So what else happened in the last episode of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved)

With the last episode of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) which published in TRT1; Gülten confessed to the facts about the grandfather of Kerem, Tahsin is confesses. Aziz expects the enemy to be revealed to the dark side. Feride is learning very important information from her father about the necklace. Aziz is experiencing great regret for what he told to Tahsin. Kerem swears to find his mother. Here is 16th episode trailer and episode summary of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved).

What hapen in the last episode?
Kerem and Nehir is asking if there is any news from Aziz and Feride. Kerem says they are in a vineyard house where they emerge. Nehir is so broken. She threatens Kerem about Ceylan. Returning to her room, Nehir calls her mother and says she wants to take part of the shares of Korkmazer Holding. She’ll be very happy to have her mother’s answer.

Yalcin is trying to understand 
Aziz and Feride testify at the police station. Then they leave the station. Yalcin is angry at both of them for not giving information about where they were lost. Aziz insist on their testimony earlier, saying what they told them. Yalcin didn’t believe them. He says there’s something else behind it. After he leaving Aziz side with Altan, Yalcin asks Feride what happened and wants her to tell. Feride says that she doesn’t understand anything about herself.

vuslat 16 boum
Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) Episode 16

Feride: “I choose to believe you!”
The man who called Kerem on the phone says Ali was killed. He apologises for the recent events of him when Aziz took Feride home. He confesses that Feride has hurt by his last words. He asks Feride why she chose him. Feride explains why. When you leave the car, “I choose to believe you, Aziz.” Aziz confesses to himself once again that he understands why he loves Feride so much.

A News from Altan
Feride comes home. When her mother said “Welcome to Feride Hanım” in a sarcastic manner, Feride is very tired and leaves her side without giving her a chance to speak. The man who was looking for Altan, Shamil and Murat, contacted them, they are very afraid to see him, he gives news. Altan asks the man to put the children in a very well-guarded home and increase the number of men. Altan finally relieved the way things started to work out.

Aziz is in single word
Aziz comes to Salih’s shop. Abdullah is there. He says he wants to ask Salih something. Salih wants to help him by saying of course. Aziz has some great stuff gone. Some of them will go tomorrow. I gotta prep them. It’s messy, you gotta collect it.Aziz says; he’ll take care of it, but Salih. “we’ll do it together”. You cannot stand alone under these heavy things.

A question from Hasibe 

Hasibe asks Feride to come to his room and ask where he found the necklace on his neck. Feride is surprised. “Why do you ask,” Hasibe says it looks like something expensive. And Feride says it’s priceless. Feride, when Hasibe leaves the room, he says, “I wonder what kind of connection you have with this necklace.”

Salih tells Aziz what to do. They need to unload a locker. When Aziz opens the lid of the locker, it is shocked to see the “everything is obvious” and the image of Feride with the same necklace she carries on her neck. Salih, while trying to explain the contents of the cabinet, Aziz has begun to understand some things about the recent events.

Tahsin explains the facts
Faik tells Feride the story of the necklace she carries on her neck. Feride realizes there’s another one in the necklace. Meanwhile, the news of the other person who owns the necklace comes. Tahsin explains to Aziz the truth about Kerim’s grandfather. It explains that Kerem’s grandfather is one of the men at the top of the place they call the dark side. Aziz are shocked by what they hear.

Vuslat Episode 16 Trailer

Vuslat episode 16
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