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The new 16th episode trailer of Kuzgun (The Raven) has released! Kuzgun and Dila are Drifting to the Impossible Love!

Is the new episode trailer released?
On Wednesday evenings, the excitement was in the new part of Kuzgun (The Raven), which appeared in front of the audience. In the new chapter, Dila goes into a great shock, shattered by the death of her father Rifat. So what else happen in the last episode of Kuzgun (The Raven)

On the Star TV screens, the new 16th episode of Kuzgun was released at 20.00. After the end of the episode, viewers are looking for answers to the question that the new episode trailer is released. Here is 16th episode trailer and episode summary of Kuzgun (The Raven).

Episode 16 Kuzgun
Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 16

What happen in the last episode?

Dila is shocked and shattered by the death of her father Rıfat. She says goodbye to her father and starts mourning. It’s when Dila needs Kuzgun the most. However, because of the responsibility of Rifat’s death, Kuzgun keeps himself behind, despite wanting to be with Dila.

The wound grows in the heart of Dila

While Dila escapes the possibility that Kuzgun could have established the ambush that caused her father’s death, the absence of Kuzgun causes a more growing wound in the heart of Dila every day. When the missing parts are combined, it is inevitable to experience a great confronation for Dila and Kuzgun. In this confroning, Dila will ask Kuzgun to make a choice. Although Kuzgun’s decision creates a heavy blow in Dila, Kuzgun still tries to protect Dila. Dila and Kuzgun are now two wounded people who are suffering from their love.
Dila learns Behram
When Dila learns the role of Behram on the road to her father’s death, a new page is now opened in her life. Derviş, on the other hand, takes action to prevent Kuzgun’s defeat of his feelings for Dila once due to the death of Rıfat.
New methode from Kuzgun
He uses a very sharp way to remind the raven of Dila’s treachery again. Meryem also doubts that Kuzgun may have killed Rifat. Meryem will face the Darkness inside Kuzgun for the first time.

Dila chasing her father’s killer

Dila, who is determined to find Behram Adivar to ask for the account of her father’s death and what she has survived, goes to Terzi dervish and challenges Behram over him. Selçuk, the custody of Ali, Ferman Koruoğlu’nun, says that there is an offer that can take him out. On the other hand, when Dila traces the night of the shipment, he solves it as the dove who reported him.

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 16 Trailer

Kuzgun (The Raven) Episode 16
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