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The new 15 episode trailer of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) has released!; The great danger awaits Aziz! 

In the last 14th episode of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved); Feride and Aziz are being kidnapped. Their lives are tied to the intelligence and courage of Aziz in the house where they were Imprisoned. Altan and Yalçın are amazed by a news they never expected.

While the Feride is questioning the situation in tears, the necklace begins to investigate. Kerem is trying to figure out what Ali’s ties with Tahsin had faced at his home. Feride confesses to surrender at the end and hues Aziz with love. So what else happened in the last chapter of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved)?

With the last episode Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) that was published in TRT1; Aziz discovers the link to the latest events with the help of Salih and Abdullah. The Sultan’s return from the hospital, a completely different weather in the mansion while Firat at home is not as expected. When Tahsin stepped into an inevitable end, he decides that Aziz is the one he can rely on. The darkness that Tahsin has dragged after all these years is now about to lure Aziz into unknowingly. Here is 15th episode trailer and episode summary of Vuslat (With One’s Beloved).
What happen in the last episode?
Aziz is in Salih’s shop. Meczup Abdullah and Abdurrahman are entering. Salih introduces them. Abdullah gives Aziz a small piece of paper that he pulls out of the box through the table and smiles, “Everything is obvious.” Salih tells him to wait and says, “You know, we’ll understand.” Aziz is leaving the shop.

Tahsin’s intimidation

Aziz is coming to work. When he comes in, Nehir smiles at him but ignores him. Two of the employees at the workplace say Nehir is no different from the status. Nehir that hears it is deteriorating. If they ever put their family in danger again, Tahsin is threatening to wipe them from the ground. He wants the clock to find the files and the boxes immediately. The person on the phone says that the boxes were in their men and that Kerem took them. If Tahsin did not believe that the files were in Kerem, he said he would act immediately, but the person in the opposite tells me that the files are completely lost. Tahsin is freaking out. Meanwhile, Bulent calls Tahsin. When He tells him he messing with him, Tahsin tries to convince him to fix it. He’ll tell him to get what he wants. Then he asks, “Your son’s name is Aziz, right?” Tahsin is shocking. Bülent said, “Take my life, don’t touch my son.” Bülent say: “I don’t like to get hurt. I like to take life. This is more enjoyable,” he gives Tahsin intimidation.
Vuslat 15 bolum
Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) Episode 15

Feride asks Aziz about the engagement issue
Altan finds a letter on the ground when he enters the house. He opens the Letter and reads. Then He puts the letter in the box and places it somewhere. When he finds out that Nehir is the finger in the events of Aziz, it is disappointing. He’s a fan of giving Nehir another chance. Feride enters Aziz’s room. When he sees Aziz’s eyes closed, he thinks he’s asleep. Feride says he’s going to ask him something. He asks Aziz what the point of engagement is. Aziz guesses who said that. If Aziz were true, he would ask what you would think. He tells Feride it’s not true. Feride forgot what she was going to ask Aziz. Get out of the Room. Nehir that sees Feride coming out of Aziz’s room, falls into the room. She asks Aziz why she did it. Aziz is furious. He tells everything clearly. He’ll tell Nehir it’s over.

What is Kerem’s plan?
Kerem is coming to the company. He has a very happy state. He enters Nehir’s room. He sees the Nehir’s face in a glum and asks why. Nehir says Aziz has taken all his powers away. Kerem is not surprised that he says, “Welcome to the Bottom.” Nehir tells Ceylan that he said, “Kerem likes her but he can’t open it because he’s a shy person.” She asks Kerem what his plan is. Kerem tells her what the plan is in his head.

Aziz and Feride are being kidnapped
Feride says Firat have a gunshot wound in the car. He talks with Firat and tells him that he should ask Aziz. Aziz says he won’t answer, he’ll tell you everything later. Meanwhile, Kerem comes to Fail’s house and the door opens the Gazelle has happiness on the face. The Mother says “Kerem Bey” when she asked who was coming. Hasibe will drink to Kerem’s soup. When Kerem leaves the hall to go to the bathroom, Faik and Ali come home. He says he went to visit Ali Aneta in the hospital, but he knew he was here, and that’s why he came. When Ali saw Aneta, he said, “Remember me?” Aneta says she remembers. At The same time, returning from the sink in the face of Kerem, who knew that he was the man of Tahsin is shocked by seeing Ali. Ali wouldn’t know what to say. Meanwhile, when Aziz sees the stroller in their front, It is hung on the brakes. Feride comes out in a hurry. The woman who owns the car is pointing guns at them. Aziz asks what she wants. Aziz tells Feride to calm down. There are two tools at the same time with people with masks on their faces. They go down with guns and take them hostage.

Aziz goes berserk

Kidnapped by Armed and masked persons, Feride and Aziz are prisoners in an unknown place. Aziz opens his eyes. When he sees that he’s not with Feride in this place he never knows. He screams Feride’s name in a crazy way. On the other side, Feride is about to lose her mind. She’ll be when she realizes she’s kicking. Aziz can see where Feride is in the mirror in the room. She calls from the Mirror to Feride. When Feride shed tears of despair, she says to herself, “What have you fallen into, Feride.” 

Vuslat Episode 15 Trailer

Vuslat Episode 15
Summary: “If I am to fight, I need to see my enemy,” he decides to challenge his destiny in the true face he learned from Tahsin.

Aziz is faced with new question marks while helping Salih. Each visit will try to grasp with the help of Abdullah, as he approaches the truth one step closer and should look more closely at what they want to find.

Aziz takes the breath next to Tahsin to find out what kind of game he is in. The secret that Tahsin had to hide for years, and finally told Aziz, is that he has to look deeper into the past. Nothing will ever be the same for Aziz who doesn’t like what he sees.

While all this is going on, Kerem’s information, which goes without giving up the hope he holds, brings him one step closer to keeping his promise to his mother. Feride pursues his own question marks. All roads lead back to Faik, the only person who can learn the truth about his necklace. While Feride is trying to learn the truth, he does not know that Feride is being followed step by step by a pair of eyes investigating who he is.

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