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The new 14th episode trailer of Vuslat released. In the last episode; Sultan is waiting for the lovers of fate.

In the Last episode of Vuslat series; With the order of Tahsin, the Sultan, Fırat and Yalçın are having a fatal accident in the same car. They’re fighting life and death at the hospital. The news of the Accident makes everyone miserable. Tahsin is struggling with the consequences of his order, as his daughter struggles to live. Kerem and Aziz are trying to forget their hostenings and heal the pain in their hearts by hugging each other. The new 14th episode trailer released. Here’s what happened in the last chapter…
13rd episode last evening with the last episode who was published in TRT1. Yalcin, Firat and Sultan’s vehicle is in the accident. The Bitter news is that the Korkmazer and the Ages have ruined their families. The survivors of the Surgery are in the fight for life, while there is another person out there who fights the same war: To Aziz who confessed his Love, Feride asks, “Why me?” As he tries to escape, Feride is faced with a great danger of connecting more and more to Aziz. So, what else happened in the last episode? Here is 14th episode trailer and episode summary of Vuslat.

What happen in the last episode?
The person calling Tahsin on the phone informs them that the transaction is OK. The Sultan is following Firat fleeing from him. Firat come in front of the safety building. The Sultan who comes after asks him if he’s okay. Firat says he has a job he wants him to do, and then he’ll tell you everything. He tells the Sultan to go into the police station and find Yalcin.

vuslat episode 14
Vuslat (With One’s Beloved) Episode 14

Aziz has to flee
The Sultan enters the police station. He learns that Yalcin is going to the operation. But in the meantime, Yalcin comes out. Yalcin is surprised when he sees Firat and Sultan. Meanwhile, Azizi and Altan come home. While Altan is trying to find a bet not to go in, Aziz grabs him and puts him in the arm. When they enter, they witness the speeches of Feride and Emine. When you see the look on Feride’s face, they have to get back out of the house.

Firat: “Tahsin gave the order of death”
Fırat tells Yalcin that he has some urgent things to say, but he should not ask him how and where to begin, and he will take his word. It would explain that Aziz’s father ordered his death. After hearing Yalcin Firat, “is that why you came here?” Firat will be shocked. Yalcin’s calmness has surprised him. Yalcin tells the reasons and thanks him.

Azize apologises for what happened with Feride. Aziz’s phone rings while Feride and Emine leave. The Caller is Yalcin. He says that something happened to Aziz. He said that Firat came to say that Tahsin gave a death warrant and that his brother Sultan was there. Yalcin says that Aziz will do whatever it takes to get him to be, and then tell him he’ll come to pick him up tomorrow.

Hasibe is trying to buy an album
Meczup Abdullah sends the paper in his hand under a house door and then walks away. The Evening shows a photo album by Madame Aneta Hasibe. Seeing the Album, Hasibe tries to take it away. To avoid Aneta, the chair falls backwards and passes out. He’s terrified of Envy.

Yalcin is making an accident
Yalcin is set off with Firat and Sultan. Meanwhile, the person looking for Kerem tells Firat that It is not in the middle. Kerem goes crazy, calls Firat on the phone. He asks Firat who opened the Phone. When talking with Fırat Kerem, Yalcin says there is a problem with the brakes. At that time, Tahsin calls his daughter Sultan. He’ll ask Him where he is. He says they’re coming home with Sultan Yalçın and Fırat. Tahsin can’t believe what he’s hearing. The car they were in is an accident. Kerem and Tahsin hear the sound of the Collision. Tahsin falls on the ground with pain.

The accident news makes everyone miserable
He confesses to Aziz Feride that he loves him. Meanwhile, Feride and Aziz, who received the news of the accident, run to the hospital. Feride has a bad dream when he sees his brother. While he pleaded with his brother to wake up before Surgery, Aziz tries to go after the Sultan. Altan barely restruted him. Meanwhile, Kerem also came to the hospital. Aziz, who is waiting in front of the Operating room, in tears to see his brother, Kerem is barely restruted.

Hasibe, Faik has come to the hospital. “Where is My son, while he grabbed the collar of Feride, who was crying and shook him? Answer, ” says Faik.

Vuslat Episode 14 Trailer

Vuslat Episode 14
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